Now that you’ve met Barack Obama’s mentor we should point out that this video is part of Hillary Clinton’s opposition research on Barack Obama. They’ve run videos of little white girls in bed at night, they’ve run mail pieces allegedly making Obama look darker than he is, they’ve dared to use his middle name in phone calls, and now they are throwing out incendiary racial rhetoric from his preacher.

The Clintons are not fools. They see the polling trends that Obama is getting less and less of the white vote. And they aim to capitalize on that fact. I’ll say again what I’ve said before: the Clinton campaign will do anything, even destroy the great racial coalition of the Democratic Party, to get back into office. They crave power above all else and they, at the end of the day, in it for themselves, not the Democratic Party.

But you know what? This makes me happy. Were the GOP to do something like this, the media would be screaming racism. They will never, however, say that about the Clintons — or at least not too loudly. That would shatter their well built myth that the GOP gets ahead by playing on racial fears, when in fact that’s the playbook for the DNC.