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Barack Obama’s book “Audacity of Hope” was titled after a sermon from his mentor, Jeremiah Wright. Mr. Wright’s congregation, is more about black empowerment than the saving grace of Jesus Christ. In any event, as I mentioned below, the media is trying desperately to avoid this story, but Fox, being a member of the VRWC, picked it up, and now Ben Smith is running a video clip too.

I love the part where he talks about Jesus being a black man put down by rich white people a/k/a the Romans who were Italians who were Europeans ergo “White People.” Then of course there is his reference to “the US of KKK A.” Nice.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s not gloss over this fact: This man is Barack Obama’s mentor. And what does Barack Obama say?

Obama defended Wright’s longtime activism for blacks in America last week at a campaign event in Ohio.

“Jeremiah Wright … has said some things that are considered controversial because he’s considered that part of his social gospel,” Obama said.

I don’t remember Jesus playing the race card.

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  • John Lewis has now thrown his support for Obama instead of Hillary. I think the momentum that that Obama is building could have a negative impact. For example, John Lewis said he now supports Obama because he represents a movement in American Politics that cannot be ignored and his conviction coming out of the civil rights movement. It seems crazy to me that his reasoning revolves around the fact that it is an unprecedented time in American politics and an extraordinary moment in history.

    I really do believe that this type of support will hurt Obama in the long run. I think McCain could pull a lot of voters that will not be able to stand the fact that people are just jumping on this bandwagon.
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