Is Obama Shagging Hookers Behind the Media’s Back?


I assume not. I assume that Obama’s marxist harpy wife would go Lorena Bobbit on him should he even think about it, but I ask the question to make one simple point: Barack Obama, like Elliott Spitzer, is a creation of the liberal media and, as a result, could be a serial killing transvestite and the media would turn a blind eye.

Elliott Spitzer is a pretty bad guy. For ten years he was shagging hookers, making arrangements out of the Office of Attorney General before moving up the food chain to the Governor’s mansion. He was able to get away with this and much more for so long because the media loved him.

Elliott Spitzer gave the media what they wanted. They willingly portrayed Spitzer as the hero of the little guy. They captured all the perp walks. They never mentioned that a very large number of those perps who walked were never actually prosecuted. The media was all too happy to destroy reputations and build up Elliott Spitzer because he gave great headlines.

No major media personalities or newsrooms ever really questioned Eliott Spitzer, hero of the working guy.

Barack Obama is now getting that media treatment. Barack Obama could be pillaging poor people in Chicago, shagging every hooker in Washington, D.C., and going to Communist Party meetings with his wife and the media would (A) never look into it and (B) never mention it even if they knew. Obama, after all, represents audacious hope and change.

Obama is a media generated product. Few of his supporters can tell us what substantive issues he stands for beyond hope and change. His Illinois voting record is barely mentioned by the press. The background of his church, which would be deeply investigated by every major reporter were he a Republican, has been ignored.*

But I suspect that will now change. With the implosion of Elliott Spitzer and Obama’s own campaign’s implosion, the media is starting to see the error of their ways. The media, though harboring deep hatred toward the Clintons’, does not want to be on the losing team. And the writing is more clearly starting to appear on the wall. Obama is failing to catch on. His state victories look impressive in terms of quantity, but the internal numbers show a man unable to garner significant support across party lines and outside of caucus states.

I say again what I’ve said before: Obama is a weaker candidate that Clinton. And the shtick of his surrogates screaming racism whenever anyone mentions his shallowness or middle name will not play in the general election like it does in the primary. After all, his middle name is what it is and he is a shallow man lacking much substance to the right of George McGovern.

*It isn’t your typical church. Kudos to Fox News for being one of the very few media outlets to look at this — of course they are part of the VRWC, dontchaknow!

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