If we believe this news, and there is no reason we shouldn’t because Jackie Calmes generally does a good job, we might be able to put the lid on Barack Obama’s campaign coffin.

Democrats expect Sen. Obama’s progress to stall until some fence-sitters see how their constituents react to his attempts to soothe racial tension. In his speech, the senator condemned the minister’s views without renouncing him, and, as someone who is biracial, sought to explain the resentments of blacks and whites to the other.

It’s not a secret that the Democrats are ready to move beyond Clinton. Many of them think that Barack Obama could be the real Reagan of the Democratic Party, moving the nation to the left in a way that is palatable to the public. Some Republicans want Obama as the Democratic nominee because they view him as more dangerous long term to the nation and want to finish him off now.

Nonetheless, because of the Clintons effective deployment of the race card within the Democratic Primary, super delegates are getting nervous. They know they were put in place to avoid the party going far left. And they are worried that Obama, the unknown quantity, could be painted as far left by the GOP. The Democrats want to win this year, and, at the end of the day, they’d rather go with the known quantity with a history of winning.

As Michael Goldfarb wrote at the Weekly Standard’s blog

What if I told you in 2004 that the Democratic party would run an African American candidate for president in 2008? I tell you National Journal will officially label this candidate the most liberal member of the United States Senate. This candidate will also have served less than three years in that Senate, with no executive, foreign policy, or military experience. Then I tell you that this candidate will lose the party’s primaries in Texas, California, New York, Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Oh, and his minister sounds like Louis Farrakhan, and actually pals around and gives awards to Farrakhan.

The Democrats want to win. If the super delegates can’t get to the White House with Obama, they will throw him under the bus faster than he threw his grandmother under the bus — damn the popular vote in the primaries.

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