Christy decided she needed a new phone that would check email and provide her driving directions. We went to AT&T and bought her a Blackjack made by Samsung. Several friends have them and like them. Since we don’t have push email, there really was no need for a Blackberry.

I’m amazed by the little device. It runs Windows Mobile and has everything you’d expect it to have: a difficult to learn user interface, odd requirements such as ringtones being no more than 300 KB in size, error messages without any resource to tell you how to resolve the error, and a Windows file structure that is so frustrating to navigate that you can download files to the phone, yet never find where they are saved.

A year ago I would have been totally enamored. I would have looked past all the kinks to see a truly stellar device. Now I have my iPhone and I can’t imagine using a phone less well made.

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