Obama Kills Civilians in Afghanistan … or something like that


If you know someone who isn’t a blog reader, have I got a scoop for you. The media, playing zealous advocate for the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama (and yes, I used his middle name. Get used to it. Daring to do so makes all the right people irrationally mad), has totally ignored his lack of foreign policy experience. About the only thing anyone knows is that Obama favors invading Pakistan — apparently he doesn’t realize Pakistan is a nuclear power.

One of the areas that Obama is more and more showing his cluelessness on is Afghanistan. In August of last year, Obama said

We went into Iraq, a war that we should have never authorized and should not have been waged.. It has fanned the flames of anti-American sentiment. It has, more importantly, allowed us to neglect the situation in Afghanistan.

Part of that neglect, according to Obama, is his belief that in Afghanistan

We’ve got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there.

“Air-raiding villages and killing civilians” is what Obama apparently believes we are doing in Afghanistan.

The Afghan operation is a NATO operation. It’s not just the Americans, it’s British royalty engaged in killing the Taliban. This is an important point because Obama is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on European Affairs. And the subcommittee he chairs has jurisdiction for oversight of NATO.

Of course, you will probably not be surprised to learn that Obama has called his subcommittee to order exactly zero times. That’s right — Barack Obama chairs the committee that could investigate his allegation that NATO is killing civilians in Afghanistan, but he has chosen to call no meetings. Or, as CNN’s Lou Dobbs put it earlier this month, “The reality is this man for 13 months has had a responsibility to hold oversight hearings on Afghanistan and the conduct of that war and has not done so.

It will probably also not surprise you to learn that Obama has had several opportunities to go inspect Afghanistan for himself and has, each time, decided not to go.

If you are left with the conclusion that Obama’s problem is not foreign policy inexperience, but a willfulness to ignore military success, I couldn’t blame you. But whether it is inexperience or a willfulness to cast aspersions on the military for political game, we must wonder if this man is really fit to be our Commander-in-Chief.

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  • Jerry get over it. You have the name associated with a comic the french love. If you don’t like it change it to something more masculine… like Cindy or Debra. I kiiiiiid 🙂

    Two, you should call me sir because I’m patiently, well not really, trying to lead you out of a hole of ignorance you’ve somehow managed to dig yourself into. I think that generosity deserves a bit of consideration.

    Onto our show . . . .
    Wahhabi is a very specific school of thought in Islam. It’s not a very good one from my opinion but to characterize wahhbism as being prevalent in Indonesia is like saying David Koresh was a prominent Christian thinker.

    And to say a school that uses a small part of the day to teach Christianity’s AND Islam’s tenants in a country like Indonesia and is a religious school is as wrong headed as calling every U.S. public school that had prayer, this is of course before the ban, a Christian school. (And BTW my mother remembers being told to pray for Joseph McCarthy).

    Plus how prevalent, globally, was Wahhbism at the end
    of the 1960s? All of my reading says not very and I don’t find any mention of it in Indonesia at the end of the 60s.

    Given this I find your assertion that Obama went to a Wahhabi Maddrassa to be baseless.

    Despite my requests, and reasonable tenets of conversation, you have made the assertion that Obama went to a “maddrassa” and have not offered one iota of evidence. Now’s the time to put up or shut up. Do you have the fire or are you shootin blanks, this is where the rubber meets …. well you get the idea. If you have something that gives evidence it was a maddrassa link it and I’ll look at it.

    Sadly your argument sesms to have devolved to “I have no evidence but since I serve in the military you need to respect my un-researched unreasoned opinion”. Well sorry Jerry that dog just don’t hunt.

    Jerry if you don’t want people questioning your intelligence please stop saying things that brings it into question. As to bravery you boldly step into conversations unarmed with facts, evidence, or a reasoned argument so I guess that is a form of bravery. Bravo.

    And Jerr I live in friggin NYC. I deal with radical muslims, jews, christians, and scientologists on a dialy basis. And seeing them as often as I have over the years I’ll say they have more in common then they’d ever admit.

    Jerr you’re probably a very nice guy who is serving his country to the best of his abilities and that is something to be praised. However it doesn’t excuse a lack of information or perspective and it lessens the regard people have for the corp when it is used as such.

    I wish you well and will pray that you start exploring information readily available which can help inform your opinions.

  • Last comment. #1. Don’t call me Jerry. #2. Which branch of the Armed Forces are you affiliated with for me to call you sir? #3. How many radical Muslims have you dealt with on a daily basis, or are you one? #4. Never question my intelligence or bravery. More ignorant men than you have died doing the very same thing.

  • Jerry you got your facts wrong. You put the capital of indonesia in the wrong country, you mistake a public school for a madrassa and then you cowardly try to hide behind the skirts of our military. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Do you even know what Wahhabi is? Do you know what type of Islam is practiced in Indonesia? Do you understand why the culture is different in Indonesia than it is in Saudi Arabia?

    Don’t use the service as an excuse for your ignorance. Read up on a subject before you comment. Spouting off in public and while being blindly ignorant of the topic brings the Corp into illrepute. Braver men than you built that reputation and you should protect it.

    So do us all the favor and please give us ANY account of the wahhabi practices at the school Obama attended, from the ages of 6 to 10, or that it was a school that focused on religion. Or just watch the video and see for yourself.

    And Jerry you may call me Sir.

  • Yeah, I meant Indonesia where the majority of the Madrassas are Wahhabi. And the man himself admitted he went to a “mostly Muslim school”. Anyway, I am not going to waste any more of my time or Erick’s space arguing with a knucklehead. And you may address me by my title:
    Staff Sergeant Gerald Lee
    United States Marine Corps
    Securing tommorrows freedoms by violence today.
    And always remember that “innocent people sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”.

  • You do realize Jakarta is in Indonesia not India and the link I gave you above has a video of the actual school he went to?

    Who the heck told you he went to a Madrassa? He went to an Indonesian public school.

  • Might want to check your facts,FactBoy. Jakarta, India where he spent 4 years in a Madrassa while living there with his mother and Muslim stepfather.

  • Gerald Lee I’ve got good news for you, Obama never attended Wahhabi Madrassa ever.

    Perhaps people are lying to you.

  • Yes, Barack Hussien Obama is an idiot. Anyone who thinks he can attend a Wahhabi Madrassa and then pass himself off as a Chrisitian would have to be. Wahhabis are known for being the most radical of all Muslims. Their ranks include Osama Bin Laden and Al-Zawihiri. The American public has no idea what could possibly happen if the man gets elected. Now I may sound a bit like a closet conspiracy theorist, but until you have actually fought with radical Muslims on a day to day basis, you truly have no understanding how deep their conviction to their religion goes. Wahhabis teach that Allah told Muhammed to go forth and spread Islam with the sword. Literally. There are only 3 ways to deal with an infidel(you and I) in their view. #1-The infidel is allowed the opportunity to convert to Islam. #2-The infidel is allowed to live, but as a second class citizen who must pay a jizyah, or tax, to the Muslim people to be allowed to live. #3-The infidel must die if he will not submit to either of the other two choices. Allah also says that it is okay to smile and “get along” with the infidel until you(the Muslim) are in a position of power, and then it is your duty to enforce the rule of Islam. Not exactly my idea of the kind of guy I want running the country that I have sworn to defend against all aggressors both foriegn and domestic. So be advised America.

  • “yes, I used his middle name. Get used to it. Daring to do so makes all the right people irrationally mad”

    Yeah and please ask me if knowing that John McCain has an illegitimate black baby would affect my voting for him?

    Ahh the tactics don’t change just the idiots mouthing them. Well done, you have officially become a bottom feeder.

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