God Bless Texas

&#8220The Democrats, God bless ’em, are about to hand us the prototypical liberal boogeyman as their nominee.&#8221

A week from tomorrow, Texas will either prolong the bloody battle for the Democratic nomination or give the nomination to a self-admitted former cokehead. Either way, we should thank Texas.

Let’s presume, if we will, that Texas goes for Barack Hussein Obama, a name that is not quite poll tested and mother approved. That presumption is not a safe one because even now the forces of Clinton are going into hispanic communities and churches to remind them that hispanics would be minority number one in a Clinton administration and minority number three in an Obama administration, behind blacks and everybody else. With thirty percent of the voting strength in the Texas Democratic Primary, Hispanics could help Hillary pull it off.

In any event, I presume Obama will win. And we should delight in his victory. Hillary has been too timid to throw a punch. We will not be.

We will remind people that Obama admitted using cocaine. While the left loves to accuse George Bush of doing the same, one of these two men wrote a book and admitted he did so. And that man’s name is not Bush.

We will point out that when Obama was in the Illinois Senate he voted to allow porn shops to open within 1,000 feet of churches and elementary schools.

Likewise, Obama voted against trying high school students as adults if they committed gun crimes on school grounds — I’m sure the folks in Colorado will love that vote.

Obama says he only wants gun owners to be able to use their guns for sport and he has a record to prove it. Obama supported allowing criminals to sue their victims if their victims shot them.

Crucially, for those pro-life voters who right now seem to be fawning over Obama, we’ll remind them that he is to the left of Hillary on abortion — going so far as to oppose the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

For years the Democrats have tried to get away from the anti-gun, big government, high tax, abortion on demand liberal label. They’ve gone so far as to rebrand themselves progressive. Obama champions the failed schemes of the last one hundred years, repeatedly rejected by the voters, to fix what he claims are the failed policies of the last eight years. The Democrats, God bless ’em, are about to hand us the prototypical liberal boogeyman as their nominee.

By the time it’s all over, the only defense Obama is going to have is to resort to the standard liberal playbook and scream racism when anyone dares point out his voting record. And the public we have not heard from year, the public that swings elections but generally does not engage in primaries, are going to come running to John McCain begging him to save the nation from the liberal anti-gun former cokehead whose feminist wife hates America.

America has rejected liberalism. Obama thinks he can repackage it in new rhetoric and move it to the left of Hillary. He cannot. I relish the fight against the man who has no problem with porn shops across the street from elementary schools and terrorist leaders in the White House. That’ll go over real well.

The only thing better than an Obama candidacy is a Hillary one after a bloody primary fight. As a result, God bless Texas.

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  • And to what church or mosque does Obama belong? Does he belong to both? Does he have a maid? What is her nationality? Who does he hire to keep his yard? How did he stand on reparations for slavery? He and his wife are sort of unknown, rather like what he says he stands for when he gives speeches. Where do his children go to school? Did he really not hold his hand over his heart somewhere when the Pledge to our flag was given? Was he ever in the military? Did I hear or read that his father was in the military?

  • Buddy you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Texas is so screwed up with it’s primary AND caucus systems that when you factor in delegates are apportioned proportionality you realize Texas won’t do anything either way.

    It’s Ohio you should be watching. If Obama manages a win there I expect Hillary to concede. If Hilldabeast wins but not big her campaign will ineffectually lumber on.

    The second scenario is a nightmare for Republicans. It keeps Obama in the headlines, helping fund raising and giving a charastmatic speaker more and larger audiences, while not doing him any damage.

    This is why I got board with Red State. Too much Rah Rah and not enough information of value.

    Praise Jebus and pass the ignorance.

By Erick Erickson

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