Naive Fools


Watching Fox News right now. They’re interview the 18-24 demographic on Obama.

“Dude, he’s like so honest. Politics is so negative, man. And he’s like a nice guy. He’s so honest.”

You naive fools. Let me quote a man of the left.

Following Obama’s win in Iowa, MyDD’s Armstrong voiced further skepticism.

“Obama doesn’t want partisan Democrats like the netroots on his side, so we’ll see if, when we start having Democratic primaries, he can win on his own terms or not,” he told the Trail. “I was rooting that it would come down to Edwards and Clinton — that to me represents a battle of Democratic values and ideas. Obama’s candidacy is really just personality-driven, wrapped with quasi-religious overtures of ‘believe’ and ‘hope’ and ‘unity’ and ‘trust’. He’s the first mega-church candidate.”

There is a reason you have to be at least 25 to be in the House, 30 for the Senate, and 25 for the Presidency — the 25 and under crowd is easily swayed by empty platitudes because they have yet to lead a substantive life.

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