Traffic light synchronization is an issue we need to work on.

We have a nice $3.5 million building on MLK Jr. Boulevard that’s supposed to handle all of our traffic flows. The building was closed for almost a year because it had a mold infestation. While the building’s been fixed, the traffic synchronization effort must have died along with the mold. I’m still stopped by signal light after signal light. It doesn’t matter what speed I travel, I’m still going to be stopped repeatedly.

The gnomes in charge routinely screw up the Riverside Drive at Pierce light backing traffic up all the way to Wimbish on Riverside. I went through there a few weeks ago and I was the fifth car heading downtown on Riverside. The light turned yellow on me. And it’s not like the first guy waited a while after the light turned green. He floored it.

We all did. Because we knew what was coming.

And Walnut at Spring Street is farked. Every Sunday on the way to church Christy and I get stopped at that light heading up Spring Street to Mulberry. NO BODY is going in either direction on Walnut, but we wait . . . . and wait . . . . and wait . . . . and wait.

It’s lunacy. Perhaps on Sunday until 11:30 a.m. or so, they should make that a four way stop light indication.

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