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Two days ago in Omaha, NE, tragedy struck in the form of a mentally unbalanced high schooler, craving the fame that only the headlines of the drive by media can give him, walked into a shopping mall and opened fire.

There are those out there who want to end the lawful possession of guns by citizens. And privately, I suspect, while they are disturbed by what happened in Omaha, they probably think it plays right into their message. How tragic it was, but how helpful it is to remind the Supreme Court of the need to neuter the Second Amendment.

Not getting anywhere near the national media attention because, well, no one was killed, is this story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that happened the same day.

A crew of brazen thieves stole an arsenal of nearly 80 weapons from a Fayette County gun shop early Wednesday after using a stolen pickup truck to rip burglar bars from the front of the store.

Security video showed that the six suspects were inside Autrey’s Armory on Bethea Road at West Fayetteville Road for only about 70 seconds during the 4 a.m. burglary, Fayette sheriff’s Lt. Belinda McCastle said.

McCastle said the suspects, all wearing hooded sweatshirts that covered their faces, were very organized.

“It appeared that each individual had an assigned task,” she said. “They did not fumble over each other, they went in, crashed the counters, swiped the weapons and boom, they were out of there.”

Most of the 75 to 80 guns stolen were handguns manufactured by Glock and Sig Sauer, McCastle said.

The thieves also stole a Springfield .308 semiautomatic rifle with a collapsible stock and bipod, she said.

This goes to the heart of the matter before the Supreme Court. While well meaning groups and the District of Columbia insist that private citizens should not have the right to keep and bear arms, criminals still stockpile weapons. Does anyone really think that a criminal is going to obey the law? If so, please look at Washington, D.C., at one time the homicide capital of America, despite it being against the law to possess firearms inside the District.

The tragedy in Omaha, NE is a reminder of what can happen when evil or crazy or both wraps fingers around a trigger. The crime in Atlanta should remind us that, however much we would love to confiscate all guns to avoid another Omaha or Columbine, the people most likely to gun us down when we are unable to defend ourselves are also least likely to surrender their own guns.

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