Mike Huckabee and Wayne Dumond


We just need to get this out of the way today.

The Wayne Dumond case is the big news of the day in the Huckabee camp, followed closely by Huckabee not knowing anything about yesterday’s NIE Report. The Dumond thing has the potential to be devastating because it is only a matter of time before Dumond’s victim’s mother appears in a television commercial attacking Huckabee, using Huckabee’s own words against him.

Huckabee wrote a letter to Dumond writing, “My desire is that you be released from prison. I feel that parole is the best way for your reintroduction to society to take place.” That there is more to the story will be inconsequential in the coming 30 second ad (oh, you know one is coming).

So, consider this your homework today. First, Byron York is a must read. He captures, very fairly, the issue.

Second, Governor Huckabee’s campaign was kind enough to provide a transcript of Governor Huckabee’s own remarks on the matter. You can read them here (PDF).

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