Evelyn, Sarah, and Christmas


Evelyn has a new friend — “Me Sarah”. That’s actually Miss Sarah, but Evelyn can’t really say Miss, so she says Me Sarah, which has an endearing quality to it.

Monday night, Miss. Sarah was here for Bible Study and sat on Evelyn’s kitchen stool — a high bar stool with a back that Christy got Evelyn so she could participate in all of Christy’s cooking. Evelyn had no problem sharing.

Tonight, Evelyn ran to the stool, hugged it, and said, “This Me Sarah’s tool.” i think you can figure that one out.

Evelyn is obsessed with Christmas lights now. We put up the Christmas Tree and Evelyn just dances around it singing “Jesus Loves Me”. She will literally stand for minutes at a time and just stare at it. The night we put it up, she grabbed her duck, climbed onto the couch, and announced she was going night night with the Christmas Tree. That was not to be, though.

So every morning she tells the tree good morning and every night she tells the tree night night, “See ya later.” She also wants to go out every night to look at Christmas lights and hunt for what she calls, in a rough phonetic equivalent of the sound, “S’no-man.” She loves ’em.

We went out tonight. She loved seeing all the lights. We pulled back into the driveway to the cheers of “Yay, Evie’s house. Go see Chri’mas tee.” Then she got quiet for a second and asked, “When Me Sarah come back ta Evie’s house.?”

We just laughed.

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  • Me Sarah is putty in Evie’s hands. What would she like for Chri’mas – a pony, a plasma TV, maybe a car? xoxo Evie – Me Sarah loves you!!

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