Progressives To Kill Progress So They Can Progressively Increase Tax Burden


There is great success in Iraq. Violence is down. The terrorists appear to be mostly routed. People are returning home from abroad. Signs of progress everywhere. So what are the Democrats going to do about it?

Try to paint the scene as hell on earth and rally the base to kill the progress.

Of course, as Roy Blunt twittered, this is really a stop gap measure to reunify the left in the House so they can push forward their massive tax increase, currently stalled.

The Democrats have decided to rally around killing our gains in Iraq, rekindle their old time tax-spend-and anti-war religion, and then have a tent revival around their massive tax increase on the middle class once their members have successfully re-ingested their unholy spirit.

Who says the Democrats don’t get religion?

By the way, is it just me or does it seem a tad ironic that the so called progressives, seeing progress in Iraq, are desperate to abort the progress lest the Iraqis start making progress to standing on their own two feet and the progressives no longer have the one issue on which they all rally around other than killing children in utero?

Democrats: Aborting infant humans and infant democracies since 1973!

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  • Mr/Mrs griftdrift,

    Methinks you missed the point. Libs always do. Eric was pouring over the material reality of a better world (or at least turnarounds on many issues) where the Dems vested interest–amazingly, but not unanticipated–is for things to get worse on issues as far ranging from the environment to social policy to war all the way down to bureacracy at the local DMV.



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