More on the NRLC Endorsement (and $50.00 abortions)


You can get a sense of things from the NRLC at these links:

Click to access 111307POTUSEndorsement.pdf

Click to access 111307FranzStatement.pdf

Click to access 111307CrossStatement.pdf

Most notable, of course, is that the NRLC endorsement came not from Beltway Overlords, but from the grassroots leadership within the fifty states.

*If* Thompson plays his cards right, this should help him, particularly if he starts harping on the Executive Branch issue.

Also, several people have sent me this information, which I’ve not done anything with, but in talking to some of the folks involved and some of the folks getting last minute pressure, one of the things that shored up a few folks wavering on the Romney v. Fred issue was this “menu” of services under the Romney Healthcare Plan in Massachusetts that charges just $50.00 for an abortion ($100.00 under the “Low Premium Plan”). It’s one thing to hear about it, but it’s a whole different ball game to see it printed in stark black and white on a menu.

As several folks noted, Romney vetoed various parts of the Healthcare plan including parts dealing with the dental plan for people on medicaid, but he did not veto the $50.00 abortions for the general populace.

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