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Rail on about megachurches, many of which are good, but I will say that I’m always a bit concerned with independent megachurches that are driven more by their charisma of their pastors than by doctrinal beliefs. And this is in large part why.

When a church, any church, is thriving more because of the pastor himself than anything else, there is no one to hold the pastor accountable. And he can get out of hand. Of course, he can also get himself a deal with EWTN TBN (sorry Mother Angelica. Didn’t mean to get you mixed up with the big haired lady who sits on the gold throne, I was just moving fast) to be on TV all night.

Let me add more here than I did when I posted this at Peach Pundit.

I’ve got a real problem with a lot of these guys like Osteen, Binny Hinn, etc. who only know enough verses in the Bible to speak some silver tongued message about prosperity. I’ve read through the Bible and I have yet to find the passage that says God is going to make me rich if I believe in him.

No, the Bible says God will deliver me from my sins, not make me rich. And, of course, that’s worth more than all the gold on earth. But these megachurch pastors and their prosperity message are going to be held seriously accountable and will be found wanting at the end of days. They’ve taken a group of people hungering and fed them sugar without substance. The hunger has turned to a disease. While the hunger could have been cured with good scriptural nourishment, the disease will be far more difficult to cure because they were given scripture to begin with — just a bastardized version.

A whole flock lost to the sex and greed of a one man church.

Okay, so I did go off on megachurches. Oh well.

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  • I completely agree with you on this subject. My father is a southern baptist minister and has served the Lord for 30 years in relatively small churches between 300-700 members. In no way has he gotten rich by doing the Lord’s work, but he has provided for his family and can say with honesty that he has never failed to preach the word of God in its true form not in the glamorized and misleading way it is preached by these megachurches. I shiver and even get rather angry when I see these so called pastors get on TV and completely defraud people in terms of what it means to be a Christian.

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