Yeah, I really have that much power.


Apparently I do. A lot of you know that I run a site called Peach Pundit. While I posted my more partisan rant about SCHIP at RedState the other day, along with noting the lefty attack on Jim Marshall (D-GA8), I posted a much tamer one at Peach Pundit, a site that tries to be more fairly objective in its political coverage — or at least very even handed.

I did, however, note repeatedly on the radio the morning I wrote those posts just what I noted in the posts — the proprietor of, now going after Jim Marshall for “committing malpractice” against kids is the same person who decided it’d be cool to put Joe Lieberman in blackface. Jane Hamsher’s act led to Lamont’s defeat, Lieberman’s victory, and us staying in Iraq a lot longer than she wanted.

Well, now Jane credits me with all the power of Grayskull. She seems to think I hold massive sway over Jim Marshall, my one time law school professor against whom I helped Saxby Chambliss to re-election in 2000.

Yesterday, Jane blogged that Marshall crawled into my lap. “I’d call Marshall’s attempt to suck up to Erickson dog whistle bigotry for white southern voters but I don’t think the racism is that subtle,” she wrote.

Well, today, as I predicted on the reliance of several solid sources, Jim Marshall was one of only two Democrats to vote in favor of sustaining President Bush’s veto. This has driven Jane to hysterics.

Oh well. I’ll give Jane the last word on the matter and I appreciate her thinking I’m all powerful. She blogs:

The roll call is here. The only two Democrats who voted “nay” were Taylor and Marshall (who was probably still in afterglow from his bigot embrace with Georgia ID voter suppression legislation author Erick Erickson).

By the way Jim, cavorting with racists and a wink-wink to Jim Crow as a way to curry favor with wingnut voters is not acceptable within the Democratic party, either.

“afterglow from his bigot embrace. . .” Oh the irony.

BTW, did I mention I’m now an almost elected official? I get sworn in December 11th. Heh.

In the meantime, I’d like to send out this long-distance dedication to my buddy, Jane:

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