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We banned fresh Ron Paul supporters from RedState1 and they’ve reacted as we expected.

My favorite comment:

They must silent dissent from the fascist agenda…can’t have people thinking for themselves.

I bet that dude has a custom fitted tin foil hat.

Then there are the comments to our comment line. This one is the only one so far that doesn’t drop an F-bomb:

Please let me know the identity of those organizing your blog so I can ban you from participation in Republican activities in Michigan. Sig Hiel mine banners. I’m betting your voting for Giuliani the authoritarian. By banning Ron Paul discussions, you’ve proved the prophecy by St. Peter that one day, people will become “willfully ignorant” of the truth.

  1. We actually haven’t “banned” them, they just have to establish their credibility first. If they participate in other threads and prove they aren’t really neo-nazis or lefty anti-war nut jobs, we’ll let them stay, play, and pimp Ron Paul. But they’ve got to prove themselves first. We’re tired of the lefty nut jobs and neo-nazis coming to RS.

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  • The Homosexuals in the party love Rudy Giuliani and Hate Ron Paul.

    The Cons (as in Neocons) and the illegal alien lovers also hate Paul.


  • Wow. You’ve got to be kidding. Ron Paul supporters are leftists and neo-nazi’s eh? First of all–im not going to even respond to the Neo-nazi BS. If evil-by-association is the best you’ve got, great. Fred Phelps also endorsed Al Gore. Does that mean Gore thinks that “God hates fags”–No.

    As for Leftists, sure. Ron Paul IS drawing in a lot of leftists. He’s drawing in Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and Greens. And he’s convincing all of them that taxes should be lower, welfare should be eliminated, the border should be secure, and the IRS should be eliminated. Ron Paul is attempting to help the Republican Party GROW–by pulling in minorities, Libertarians, leftists–everyone. He polls higher amongst college students and blacks than either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama:
    A phenomenon that the Republican National Infrastructure has been attempting to create since Reagan went out of office.

    If Paul is a leftist, what are the rest of the Republicans?
    “If every member of Congress voted like Rep. Paul, Americans could enjoy MUCH lower taxes and less waste in Government” -John Berthoud (President of National Taxpayer’s Union).

    Also, Grover Norquist claims he is the most Fiscally Conservative candidate in the race:

    However–you claim he is liberal because of The Patriot Act, The War in Iraq, and Amnesty. Paul votes like “Mr. Republican” Robert Taft would.

  • Thank you for removing the Ron Paul idiots from this site! Ron Paul should be running on the Demorats ticket and not as a Republican.

  • It’s awesome RedState came out so STRONG agisnt the DREAM Act, Durbin’s new amnesty plan that will be voted on tomorrow.

    O wait…they were too busy bashing conservatives and Ron Paul supporters and trumping up Mel Martinez’s greatness.

  • Interesting. The supporters of the only GOP candidate that actually seems to engender passionate support and is pulling brand spanking new registered Republicans into the party are not deemed to be fit to participate on a Republican board.

    Look Erick, I know Republicans were able to get this President elected with a minority popular vote once, but it has to at least be close to pull that off.

    There is some serious self delusion going on in this party.


    Good luck with that single party Democratic Government and 60 vote Democratic Senate plurality in 2009!

  • With all due respect, the influence of military bloggers has overtaken Restate. I would never vote for the amnesty supporting Guiliani or McAmnesty. Both are as UNFIT FOR COMMAND as John Kerry was. The soon we lose this war (that is if you can “lose” an occupation), the less property and taxes the government will be seizing from us to fund the Bush occupation.

    Redstate should have banned Guiliani and McCain supporters long ago. Now all they care about is one issue- Bush’s war.

    Please allow Paul supporters on, but please ban McAmnesty supporters. Also Mel Martinez sucks, and you may as well have had Ted Kennedy run your site.

  • Left wing anti-war nut jobs? When did being anti-war make you a nut job? Sorry I dont like my tax paying dollars contributing to the deaths of thousands of women and children. Im not a liberal and im definitely not a neo-nazi. So when did you have to have credentials to participate in a political discussion? I thought we lived in America here.

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