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Pastor Dan becomes Bishop Dan.

A Macon minister has been elected bishop of the Episcopalian diocese of Nevada.

Dan Edwards, rector of St. Francis Episcopalian Church, said he was chosen Friday for the church’s top job in that state from a field of six other candidates.

“I am overjoyed at the opportunity to join the people in Nevada,” he said, adding that he is “torn and sad about leaving my congregation here in Macon.” Edwards, 57, said he is not sure yet when he will depart St. Francis, but he is scheduled to be consecrated as bishop on Jan. 5.

I wonder how that will impact the law school. His wife, Linda, is a professor at Mercer’s Law School and has managed through her hard work to get Mercer ranked #1 in legal writing programs.

Let me just tell you, I have a running joke with some friends that Episcopalianism is the fourth largest religion in this country behind Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, but two of the most delightful people I“ve ever met are Pastor Dan and his wife Linda. In fact, Linda Edwards ranks in the great pantheon of ”Erick’s most favorite people to walk the earth.“ She was my favorite law school professor.

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