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Larry Craig’s been tap, tap, tapping on bathroom doors. He pled guilty to disorderly conduct, the misdemeanor charge stemming from his actions. He decided to resign. Now he’s decided we should all be forced to fight for his re-election.

His little effort at playing the drama queen is not winning him friends in the party.

And now he says Mitt Romney threw him under the bus.

“I was very proud of my association with Mitt Romney,” Craig said. “I’d worked hard for him here in the state. I was a co-chair of his campaign on Capitol Hill. And he not only threw me under his campaign bus, he backed up and ran over me again.”

Senator, I’d tell you to suck it up, but the pun would be inappropriate for a family site.

You should resign. You pled guilty. Don’t think we’re really going to go out of our way to help you next year.

Oh, and good for Mitt Romney. He took appropriate, decisive action.

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