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I had dinner with Clarence Thomas tonight. What an amazing guy. And he has a great sense of humor. We laughed about George football.

Someone asked him what he thought about Joe Biden saying that after 16 years Biden was still glad he voted against Clarence Thomas. Thomas replied, “Make that two of us.”

He also said that he told Vice President Quayle at the time that Thomas expected a 50-50 tie with the VP casting the deciding vote. Quayle replied, “But you never came to lobby me.”

Justice Thomas had a lot of great stories and really spoke highly of the other Justices on the bench with him. He said he gets along with all of them and they regularly eat together at Sandra Day O’Connor’s insistence.

Also, his new book My Grandfather’s Son is a terrific read — and I really mean it. He wrote it himself. Unlike Greenspan, Justice Thomas said, he wrote the whole thing, not just the first and last draft.

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