Bobby Jindal Wins!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve only actually met him once. My friend Ben invited me over to have dinner with him and a group. But I’ll consider him a friend. His campaign manager, Timmy Teepel is more a friend.

But regardless, Bobby Jindal won tonight. I may live in Georgia now, but I’m Louisianian through and through. This is historic. No one has ever won a gubernatorial primary outright in Louisiana until tonight.

I cannot really express what this means to me.

It’s like how the exiled English felt when Mary I died and Elizabeth was crowned. It was safe to go home again.

If you don’t live in Louisiana, you have no clue what it is like. You may think you do, but you don’t. You make think your state sucks, but it doesn’t really compared to Louisiana. Louisiana sucks in a way that is soul killing because it is such a wonderful, beautiful, wonderful place, and yet it is so dysfunctional it saps and taxes (quite literally, they tax everything there) your talent and your energy and you leave if you can, like I did.

Think of the United States if Reagan had claimed victory after 200 years of Carter, instead of just 4. That’s what this is like. That’s the closest equivalent.

It’s safe to go home now. Freedom stirs.

I won’t go home now because I’ve made Georgia my home with my wife and child. But I could now without regret. Others will and they will help Bobby Jindal begin rebuilding the state. And it will be glorious.

Today is not a good day for Republicans. It is, but it isn’t really. Today is instead a good day for Louisiana and for this country. If a state like Louisiana can overcome its legacies and histories and vote for a guy named Jindal of East Indian heritage and make him the Governor of Huey Long’s populist-socialist mecca, this nation can overcome anything.

But don’t hold your breath on the media talking about a staunchly southern state electing a guy who is a minority to the Governor’s Mansion as a Republican. That’d disrupt their narrative too much.

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