Because we’re part of the Zionist Plot


We get more media attention on our ban than Ron Paul gets in a year.

The ubiquitous and web-savvy supporters of Ron Paul now have one less forum in which to vent their rage.

The influential conservative blog placed a ban last night on all Paul commentary from readers who are recent arrivals to the blog.

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  • Mr. Thompson’s new proposal calls for changing the legal immigration system to reward those with needed skills and English-language proficiency. He said he would restrict family-based immigration petitions to spouses and minor children, which means immigrants could no longer sponsor their siblings, parents and adult children.


    Fred says no family members allowed! No legalization period.

    That alone is enough for me to vote for Fred. Redstate should be pushing Thompson instead of bashing Ron Paul-Reaganite, small government, anti-national building conservatives.

  • The French version of immigration reform:

    Would something like what the French did ever pass the US Congress?

    The French at least have some semblance of national identity whereas PC correctness is a substitute for ours here in the Late Great U. S. of A.
    O wait…we have “the war in Iraq” to substitute and keep the right wingers happy. Elect Rudy, he’s liberal on every issue, but he’ll keep the Bush occupation rolling for another 4 years of hell.

    Redstate should START banning Gayliani and McAmnesty supporters and stop banning Ron Paul supporters.

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