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The largest newspaper in Britain has declared me the 69th most influential conservative in the United States.

Clearly they overestimate me. Neither Michael Savage nor I deserve to be in the top 100, but I’m willing to take it.

[UPDATE:] Thanks Andy.

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  • Jindal

    Man, do you keep good company!

    Congrats on the nod from our friends across the pond!

  • I was searching on the Internet for something else earlier today and wanted to make a note of this website. I was so busy I forgot about it.
    Tonight I came across the list and it reminded me of the website so I will be visiting again. I am in the process of rotating the sites I visit.

  • Don’t you know that you’re nobody until somebody labels you? Or is it, you’re nobody until you’ve been to rehab. I could be getting them mixed up.

  • Hey, I’m glad they declared you 69th most influential conservative. I didn’t know about you and now I do. Enjoyed reading your recent blogs and will stop by from now on!

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