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I sent this in as a letter to the editor of the Telegraph:

One of the great failures of this city and county has been an inability to unite to promote our regional airport. I travel frequently between Macon and Washington, D.C. On a recent trip, a round trip ticket on Delta from Atlanta to Washington cost $317 plus taxes and fees. The same trip on the same day round trip from Macon to Washington, D.C. via Atlanta cost $325 plus taxes and fees.

The trip to the airport would be an hour to Atlanta or fifteen minutes to Macon’s airport. Parking in Atlanta would be around $8 a day. Parking in Macon is free. The security line in Atlanta could take thirty or more minutes. In Macon, it has never taken me longer than five minutes. Checking and retrieving baggage is also much easier in Macon.

The cost and convenience of flying out of Macon is a no brainer to me. Sure, my flight leaves early, but I’d have to get up even earlier to catch my usual morning flight from Atlanta to Washington if I intended to drive to Atlanta and avoid rush hour traffic. Hopefully the new mayoral administration will work with surrounding counties to promote the airport. It is easily overlooked, but well worth using.

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