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I have a secret. It explains why I haven’t been blogging here much lately. No, it wasn’t really, honestly vacation or getting back into the swing of things post vacation. Actually, I got hooked on Harry Potter. I read the first one on the plane ride to Germany. It was a quick, three hour read. Before flying over Bermuda, I was done.

Books two through five were finished with a day to spare on vacation.

Books six and seven have taken longer. They’ve been post vacation. I have been reading them in every spare moment — taking time during the day at lunch, a coffee break, a bathroom break, at night. Finally, I started the seventh book yesterday. I started at about 7pm last night and read until 11pm. I laid in bed last night until after 1am. It was like an addiction. I had to read that book. It was like Voldemort in my mind controlling me.

I got up this morning and read as fast as I could. Every minute that I did not have anything necessary, I read. By noon, I had 100 pages to go and a meeting. At two o’clock I returned home and read until my next meeting. Then twenty pages. Then the satisfying end.

For good measure I have re-read the last four chapters two additional times. The information in those final chapters is so compressed in the pages, it takes multiple readings to get it all out.

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