The other day,engrossed in everything Forest HIll Road, I said that I’d be glad to work against those commissioners who did not vote to stop the project.

Even as I was hitting the “publish” button I was thinking twice about it. I had pretty much decided I needed to take it back about a day later. Then, visiting with Rep. Allen Peake the other day and discussing it further, I have to say I am solid in the opinion that, having been engrossed in the nitty-gritty of the boondoggle that is the Forest Hill Road controversy, I went too far and regret doing so.

I would not and could not seriously consider working against Charlie Bishop, Elmo Richardson, or even Burt Bivins.

I’m not in favor of the redesign as it stands. I think it goes too far. But the more emails I’m involved in, the more I think those who are most adamantly opposed to the redesign aren’t willing to go far enough.

It’s a mess on both sides. But I must retract my hastily written prior statement.

I still think the DOT could scale down the road project further, but frankly, I’m tired of getting stuck going 35 mph on that road and would like to at least go 45 mph with some regularity.

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