Anybody Know Anything About Bid Rigging?

&#8220I’m actually stunned, given that we live in … a state heavily reliant on property taxes, that there were NO Georgia companies bidding.&#8221

This, folks, should be the Speaker’s Case Study No. 1 in why we need to get rid of property taxes. Follow me here.

Last year, the Bibb County Tax Assessors Office used a company called Tyler Technologies to do drive by tax appraisals. The whole thing was farked. A case in point is my own house, which got appraised around $30,000.00 more than comparable and larger properties within a 5 mile radius of my house sold for both before and after my appraisal was done.

The appraisals were so bad, the whole Board of Tax Assessors was fired and a new Chief Appraiser appointed. The Chief Appriser now is Jim Davis. Mr. Davis had been the Tax Commissioner in Bibb County prior to a gubernatorial appointment that took him to Atlanta for a while.

Now, follow me here.

Mr. Davis was a consultant for Tyler Technologies, the company that won the bid last time for drive by appraisals, only to see the whole thing be so totally screwed up that the appraisals had to be abandoned.

Mr. Davis was then hired by the Tax Assessor’s Office to be the new boss.

The Tax Assessors Office, along with all of this, decided to use a computer assisted mass appraisal system (“CAMA”) called OASIS developed by, you guessed it, Tyler Technologies.

With all of that, the Bibb County Tax Assessor’s Office put out an RFP for the reappraisal project this year. The RFP required competence and familiarity with the County’s CAMA — in fact all key points are tied to the CAMA, “large and complex revaluations of 60,000 or more parcels,” and several other things of interest.

When the RFP was produced, three companies were sent the RFP. Two of the three companies attempted to bid jointly and work together, but the County told them no. So, guess who won the bid at $2,000,000.00? Why, that’d be Tyler Technologies, the Chief Appraiser’s old employer and the company that did the last, rejected drive by appraisal.

It was, of course, also the only company that placed a bid.

Something smells fishy.

By the way, I’m actually stunned, given that we live in what could be considered the economic capital of the South and a state heavily reliant on property taxes, that there were NO Georgia companies bidding. Tyler Technologies is out of Ohio.

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