A minor issue indicative of a larger problem


This is an issue that some will, no doubt, say is just me being petty and ridiculous. I’m willing cede them the idea that this is not a very big deal. But I do think it potentially speaks to something larger.

I received my tax bill. All in all, it did not go up much. What was interesting was the three letters from the three local governments. The County, the School Board, and the City all sent letters. Only the City refused to raise taxes. Both the County and the School Board put their best effort forward explaining why oh why they absolutely had to raise taxes. The School Board did a better job explaining than the County.

Interesting, though, that the School Board sent its letter on colored laser paper of, I’d be willing to guess, was 24 lb. stock. The city and county both sent their letters on regular white paper.

Assuming they sent out 20,000 letters, the school board’s cost of paper would be around $303.60 versus $199.60 for the city and county. The color paper stock, having shopped around for stuff like this forever, is usually a bit more expensive.

Pricing it at Staples, the cheapest 24lb. color stock is $7.59 per ream of 500. The white equivalent is $4.99.

A $104.00 savings isn’t a big deal. It’s not a lot of money. But in the grand scheme of things, every penny of taxpayer dollars should be wisely spent and sending out color letters when a plain white one would do, would have been a better choice.

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