√4 × 22 = 8

Kids are gonna hate this.

Next year’s high school freshmen will take more math and science than their predecessors under changes expected to be approved next week by the state Board of Education.

State officials are hoping the changes will increase the number of diplomas handed out and the number of students entering college. But some educators are concerned it will hurt the state’s already lagging graduation rate.

But it sure is needed. Let’s just hope it is real math and not the feel good equivalent.

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  • It’s about time…although it makes no difference to me, really. No child of mine will ever be subjected to the “let’s just lower standards so we can shove more kids out the door” mentality of government schools.

    I know you think you can’t afford to send your kids to private school, Erick, but it’s things like this that should make you realize that in fact you can’t afford not to…

    Come on…you know you want Evelyn to be a Viking cheerleader!

By Erick Erickson

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