I can’t tell you how much I am savoring Miriam Paris’s victory on City Council. Her opponent and another council member, Elaine Lucas, started a whisper campaign against Miriam projecting their own sins onto Miriam. They took money from the parking lot hotel developer and Miriam did not. In fact, Miriam took no money from either developer so the whisper campaign was that she was in the pocket of the competing hotel developer. After all, she bought herself a new car!

It was petty, childish, and ridiculous.

Frankly, Miriam was a terrific candidate. But she would have had a tough time getting over the finish line if it weren’t for Elaine Lucas. Elaine kept the hotel issue alive throughout the runoff. She told people that it was a done deal and the people got mad. They went to vote.

It did not help matters that Elaine’s husband, Representative David Lucas, sent out an automated phone call. The text was roughly this:

“This is Rep. David Lucas. If you don’t want North Macon Republicans to take over our City Council, go vote for Willette Hill-Chambliss tomorrow.”

There were two problems with this call.

First, the call, targeted to black voters, hit North Macon Republican households in abundance. Second, the call actually went out on Election Day — urging voters to go vote the day after election day.

In the end, Miriam Paris won roughly 70% to 30%. She’ll probably now face Rick Hutto for Council President. Either would be great. And Macon will finally start to heal.

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  • Erick,

    Since you will be joining council, how about a Macon blog so macon issues can be discussed ad nauseum without nasty comments from Peach Pundits.

    Maybe even invite other members of council and the new mayor in on the deal.

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