The law of unintended consequences


Haystack has a worthwhile post on the move to shut down the last slaughterhouse for horses in the country. There is only one. And once it is gone, neglect and abuses of horses will go up even more.

The PETA freaks don’t know what that means, and they don’t care. By forcing the last 2 kill houses in Texas (ooops-sorry-they’re called abbatoirs) to be closed, the whole of the US finds itself down to ONE “Equine Abbatoir” located in the fine Democrat haven of Dekalb Illinois – Cavel International Inc. They’ll be gone soon enough…no worries horse lover wannabes.

The problems created by the meddling of Congress and the PETA freaks include horses being sold under the false pretense of being healthy when they are not. The “forging” of pedigrees is on the rise. Animals that owners can not sell or auction or send to a kill house are left in fields to starve, go unattended when they get sick, or left (far too often) to die in a field somewhere.

Remember, rendering plants can only accept dead animals. The cost of transporting sick, dying, or unwanted animals REMAINS with the owners, who have found themselves unable to sustain the costs of owning the animals in the first place. Do you REALLY think they will be spending all that money to adhere to “humane” treatment of those they are trying to get rid of?

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