We have enough evidence now to conclusively show that Ron Paul gets most of his support from anti-war lefty hippies. I think so.

The [Ames ballot counting] mishap was especially embarrassing as it followed a federal lawsuit Friday by supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.), who argued that the Diebold Election Systems machines were prone to problems. A federal judge denied the request for an injunction blocking the voting, and an appeals court upheld that ruling Saturday.

That’s the standard left line.

Ron Paul has only about 3,000 real supporters nationwide*. He’s got another 5000 or so who are just damn dirty liberal hippies in need of real jobs.

It’s only a matter of time before Cindy Sheehan endorses him.

*real supporters are those who really do believe that Ron Paul’s version of constitutionalism is the one we should follow, along with his foreign policy. I profoundly disagree, but they are not damn dirty hippies. Unfortunately, Dr. Paul also attracts a lot of Kossacks.