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I’ll stop talking about how cool my iPhone is at some point, but I have not had a device in a long time that reduced me to a pure state of childlike wonder like this phone. It begs to be touched. Evelyn, at 22 months, has figured out how to scroll through pictures and watch movies on it.

Christy and I went out to shop on Saturday and Evelyn, on the way home, started crying (she’s cutting teeth and not feeling well). I had put the Incredibles on the phone to test the quality of movies. For twenty minutes we heard nothing from Evelyn. She was staring into the phone watching the movie with the audio blaring out of the speaker phone. She was mesmerized.

Today, Time Magazine is out with its stellar review. Lev Grossman makes this profound point.

Apple and its partners are just beginning to figure out how to develop for this thing. Look at the iPods of five years ago. That monochrome interface! That clunky moving touchwheel! They look like something a caveman whittled out of a piece of flint using another piece of flint. Now imagine something that’s going to make the iPhone look like that. You’ll have one in a few years, and it’ll be cheaper, too. If you’re not ready to think different, then think ahead.

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  • Thank you Erick for being an early adoptor and bringing the price down for the next generation phone in 6 to 8 months that I will be able to use with Verizon.

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