So, With Less Than A Week, What Do I Think Will Happen?


The Macon Mayoral race is coming to an end. Sure there is technically a general election in November, but for all intents and purposes, the race will end on Tuesday, coupled with a runoff. Here’s what I see happening. I say this knowing a few people will get bent out of shape, but objectively, here’s the deal.

Robert Reichert will come in first place and Lance Randall will edge out Henry Ficklin for second place. The second place finish will be close, but Lance will get it. Reichert will woo Ficklin, Ponder, and Lucas for their endorsements and be mostly unsuccessful.

Lance will rally all but North Macon and turn out the vote from churches and housing projects going into the runoff and become the next Mayor of Macon.

And here’s the kicker — he’ll be a very good mayor.

Reichert may still pull it off. If the black vote in Macon is heavily divided, he may get out of it without a runoff. The key is going to be to watch the Howard precincts turn out. If they are extremely heavy, Reichert might be able to pull it off. Unfortunately for him, I’m already aware of several people voting in the Republican primary thinking he’s on the ballot there. Those are isolated incidents, but they add up over time. Depending on the margin of victory, I may revise this, but the reports I’m getting on the ground lead me to believe that while several of the candidates have been trying to raise money and make inroads in the community, Lance has been rounding up voters and driving them to the polls.

No offense to Lance, but he is the pre-2004 Ralph Reed for Macon. He knows his ground game and how to turn out votes.

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