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As the Republican nominee for City Council Ward 5, Post 3 in Macon, let me take this opportunity to endorse Robert Reichert, the Democrat candidate for Mayor of Macon.

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  • Hello, Eric. LINDA directed me to this site. We are both supporting Ron Paul. Hopefully you will come around to the wisdom and inherently conservative nature of non-interventionism at some point, but that is for another day.

    I find the Republican primary outcome fascinating. I became involved in GOP politics in Bibb County mainly so I could credibly represent Ron Paul. I saw Arlen Gibson at the County, District, and State GOP convention. He is a nice guy, and seems sincere. He had a campaign office and put out signs. I had never heard of Cousino until his name showed up in the paper as a candidate. I am new to the area, but from what I could tell few other Republicans had heard of him either. My impression from the little of the debate that I saw and the video I watch was that he was not ready for primetime and not a serious candidate. Arlen Gibson was clearly a serious candidate even if he had little chance of winning the general.

    So what happened? Was this entirely a racial thing by people who knew no other information?

    I feel bad for Arlen Gibson, and I think this is a bit of an indictment of the county GOP.

  • So um… Cassuto, or whatever his name was, wants to break Macon away from the US and join the Creek Nation and then wants to turn around and get Federal Money for a railroad to Savannah….

    And the Federal Government would do that… why?

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