Remember Anbar


Remember Anbar Provice? The most violent province in Iraq and the one the CIA declared unwinnable a year ago? Things have changed. Of course those who want us to lose will find some reason to ignore it, repudiate it, or mock it.

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  • Well, I hope that I am long gone if we go to war with China! We will never fight China because we cannot even control a population of 25 million in Iraq! Give me a break. But I am glad you agree with me on one thing.

    You see I have already experience 15.5% mortgage rates in 1981, and we were lucky to find a lady willing to finance a home at 12%.

    As a side note, pass around to your friends to be sure to appeal inflated property tax assessments that will be forthcoming in Bibb County. If you check out the foreclosures in the Saturday newspapers, the numbers are alarming. This costly war is going to destroy our Country if we do not have some peace talks. A little too late President Bush is calling for a Mideast Peace Plan, which he should have done before the Lebanon war waged out of control last year. If we do not get a handle on this sitution, we will see crude oil hit $150 a barrel. All of the commodities have been increasing like crazy this week, and oil is almost at $75 right now. Florida is in a crisis because 20% of their GDP is based upon the building market, and with the failure of mortgage backed securities the construction industry is hitting a brick wall. It is now time to pay the piper. If you remember the failed savings and loan debacle in the early nineties, it was not a pretty sight.

    Have a good day! Work hard to get the City Council to downsize, and put a bug in the new Mayor’s ear to downsize his administration, too. We have got to get this ship in order because Federal funds are going to dry up in the future.

  • What the incompatibility of war and capitalism really means is that war and high civilization are incompatible.

    Linda, for once we agree on something. I think war and capitalism are incompatible and history is replete with examples.

    The problem, of course, is that not all countries are capitalist countries and some countries put other interests before their moneymaking interests.

    I fully expect we could be at war with China in the next 50 years, despite the amount of trade between our two countries.

    Likewise, in the present war, the enemy believes capitalism is a form of evil and should be abolished.

    Sometimes you do have to fight.

  • Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    What the incompatibility of war and capitalism really means is that war and high civilization are incompatible. If the efficiency of capitalism is directed by governments toward the output of instruments of destruction, the ingenuity of private business turns out weapons which are powerful enough to destroy everything. What makes war and capitalism incompatible with one another is precisely the unparalleled efficiency of the capitalist mode of production.

    — Ludwig von Mises, Human Action [1949]

    From FFF update, President Jacon Hornberger

    From those working for freedom and liberty from the slave state.

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