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ImageIs he or isn’t he? Isn’t it time to stop flirting and get on with it? What does he think of how the President handled the Scooter LIbby matter?

These are questions Fred Thompson sat down and answered for me on Saturday afternoon. My wife and I attended a fundraiser for Senator Thompson on Friday night where he said he was having so much fun getting into the first or second spot in most national polls by not being a candidate, why rush it. After a late flight in, we rescheduled our conversation for the phone.

On Saturday, while touring Florida meeting with voters across the state, Senator Thompson and I chatted for about thirty minutes on the phone. We discussed Iraq, the Los Angeles Times hit piece against him, Scooter Libby, what his first act as President would be, and several other topics. Senator Thompson also gave his thoughts on this question: can a President actually govern as a fiscal conservative in this day and age?

Today, part one of RedState’s interview with Senator Thompson. We asked him about declaring his candidacy and about Scooter Libby.

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  • and by all means, be in Spartanburg SC for the 21st to support the Constitutionalist: Dr. Ron Paul.

  • Fred Thompson is a stalking horse who is being dangled in front of the base’s nose by the elite who control our nation and who are directing the march to a NWO via the NAU. He is no conservative. FT has voted against the constitution at least twice that I know of: McCainpFeingold vs. 1st Amendment, Patriot Act vs 4th Amendment, AND he is a member of the CFR who via their spokesmouth Dr. Robert Pastor, are clear about eliminating American sovereignty enroute to the NAU. A vote for FT is a vote for the powers that be.

    Ron Paul is the only one who stands for liberty and freedom as created by our founders.

  • Iowa Rally should bring tears to your eyes if you really love America. As an Indiana girl, these are my people and the real heart of America. There is no kinder people and more caring people than those from the Midwest or maybe the term that describes us would be passion and determination. We are the spirit of classical liberalism what true liberty and hands off government is supposed to stand for, which is government of the people not special interest groups. The lyrics are performed by Steve Dore. Just beautiful!


    This denial is not going to work, just like denials by Ralph Reed with his Indian tribal lobbying did not work when running for Lt. Governor in Georgia. The evangelical voters will not vote for Thompson when this becomes widespread, and it has already been reported on MSNBC this morning, so it will be the main talking point for a month, no doubt.

    Put you time and resources into the real pro-life, constitution respecting, flight surgeon in Air Force during Vietnam, delivered over 4,000 babies, will never accept a Congressional pension, his children would not get government assisted loans for college, pro-family as he has been married for fifty years to Carol, just had his 18th grandchild a couple of weeks ago, and yes at 71 he is fit to serve as President with his healthy life style. Support Ron Paul for President because the momentum is growing by each passing day. Don’t waste your time and money on a lobbyist who has earned a $1 million in the last 20 years from taxpayers. The taxpayers are not going to vote for anyone connected to big money politics, and someone that can be labeled a flip-flop.

  • I meant to say someone that agrees with how Bush handled the Libby case does not deserve to sit in the White House as President.

  • Any Presidential candidate that agrees with how President Bush handled the Scooter Libby perjury sentence does not deserve to sit as President of the White House. Scooter Libby was also a lawyer for Marc Rich, who was pardoned during the midnight hour by Clinton. I have lost all respect for President Bush at this point. I suppose he was pressured by the neocons to do something to keep Libby quiet because now he can take the fifth. It absolutely STINKS!

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