ImageSince last week’s Los Angeles Times hit job on Fred Thompson, a few things have happened.

First, since the Los Angeles Times article came out, it’s been pointed out that Senator Thompson had never acted as a cowboy and thus could not have related a story Ms. DeSarno claims he related. That bit of the article has now mysteriously disappeared from the Los Angeles Times article.

Second, Thompson had not gone to work at Arent Fox, the firm from which Thompson was allegedly hired, until several months after the abortion rights group claims it hired him through Arent Fox.

On Saturday, I talked to Senator Thompson about the accusation. You can listen to his response in part 2 of our podcast.

Beyond the LA Times allegations, I asked Senator Thompson about his views on Iraq. He gave a forceful defense of the war and the reasons for going to war. Likewise, he is adamant that failure is not an option. To fail, surrender, withdraw, or retreat would be viewed as weakness by our enemies and would subsequently open us up to further attacks. Senator Thompson believes we must do everything possible to win the war.

Here’s a hard link to the podcast.

or listen here: