Oh yes, I am scared.


This one was left in the comment thread for the Ron Paul interview.

Thanks. I love witnessing train wrecks!

You probably don’t yet realize it, but your “interview” pretty much ruined your political future. No matter what you personally think of Ron Paul, you should have politically known better at your miniscule level of gov’t. You really stuck your finger in the wrong hornets nest. Like I said, it might not sink in for a while, but as you will see, this one is going bite you in the ass.

You broke Reagan’s 11th Commandment and against one of the only four congressmen to support Reagan in 1976.

Again, thanks for the laugh whoever you where.

I’ve had to change shorts twice just from reading that it upset me so. Heh.

Meanwhile, Congressman Paul says we should expect government funded and organized terrorist attacks domestically to revive support for the war.

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  • http://www.kitco.com/ind/grandich/sep122006.html

    I shall round out the comments to an even number of 20 with this reality based post about the United States real state of the union. The United States is technically bankrupt. Just as the our city of Macon is bankrupt on a smaller scale, our US is bankrupt on a gigantic scale.

    If you understand anything at all about economics and finance, then you should be able to read these facts and realize that Ron Paul is correct that we have a foreign policy that we can no longer afford.

    This financial article does not go into the facts about how much of our bond market is held by China, but it is 45%. That means that China is so close to having majority interest in our Country that it is downright scarry. Saudi Arabia owns 7% of our stock market. I could go through the list and tell how much Japan owns, how much Australia owns and on and on. But the bottom line is that we are in trouble when we can no longer save enough in our Country to pay for a new road through a state without borrowing from communist China.

    The United States citizens have a negative savings rate, and this is much different from years past when all the people bought US Savings bonds to help fund our government. Erick says that I want to turn off the lights in Iraq, well pretty soon we will have to turn off the lights in our own Country because as this article points out, the United States consumers are not paying attention to what is going on, and what will come in the near future will be worse than the great depression.

    If China decides to cash in the chips because they find a better return on their investment elsewhere, well then Katie bar the door.

  • Just thought I would let you know Erick that I sent the link to these comments to Lew Rockwell last week, of what I have commented and he ask my permission to blog it. I have also received a couple of emails from Jacob Hornberger. At least you did not trash Jacob. LOL

    No doubt he is thrilled to have your zealous support. He’d have a lot more credibility in my book if people more hinged in reality regularly cited him.

  • Just thought I would let you know Erick that I sent the link to these comments to Lew Rockwell last week, of what I have commented and he ask my permission to blog it. I have also received a couple of emails from Jacob Hornberger. At least you did not trash Jacob. LOL

  • Actually Linda, you seem to think we dislike people because they dislike Bush. That’s not at all the case. Bush like/hatred is separate from the other issue, which is that you view people like Lew Rockwell as paragons of sane virtue and I view him as a kook, though he personally is more credible than some.

    I have nothing against Judge Napolitano, though I personally like Brian more than the Judge. Ditto with Jacob Hornberger.

    I think, actually, the problem here is that that neither Dennis nor I are wrought with pessimism or wrapped up in viewing government as something shadowy and unable to changed by mere mortals.

    You seem to be convinced that if only we’d see things as you see them, that we’d agree with you. I suppose we can make it a circular argument and tell you if you saw things as we see them, you’d calm down.

    But that’ll get us nowhere as we’re going to continue to disagree on these issues. As for my knowledge and studying of issues, I actually do it for a living and if you think I just parrot the GOP line, it may give you peace of mind to think that, but it certainly is far from the truth.

    Amazingly, Dennis and I actually do think for ourselves and amazingly, we don’t reach the same conclusions as you.

  • Sorry, I did not list Judge Napolitono’s writings above, but he does have some good books. By the way, he is opposed to the Patriot Act among other things.

  • And I can assure you, I work hard enough these days to keep me from spending the vast majority of my time browsing conspiracy websites, and posting 67 comments to every post on this one. said by Dennis

    Ok, Dennis, I am nearly 53 and started babysitting at about the age of 11, got my Social Security card when 13 and worked as a waitress; worked for RC Cola in high school at tennis tournaments and distributing samples in grocery stores in high school, and have been working ever since. So, I have earned my time to spend on the Internet, and learn what I can. Do the math and you will see how much time I have spent working. My husband and I paid every dime out of our own bank account for me to go to school for six years, and I did not get one dime from a grant or a scholarship. I owe no one for my education, except for some of the fine teachers that I learned from. Do you actually believe everything that you had in your textbooks at school to be the honest truth? If a couple of people become awakened from what I comment, then my purpsose has been rewarded with the thought that they too will learn and tell others the truth.

    I mean look at you guys, you believe the bs that we are spreading democracy to the Middle East, but yet you mock someone who lives in your own County when they tell you what you don’t want to believe. How can we as a people spread democracy to others when we make enemies of those that live around us? Do you think that Lew Rockwell and Napolitono and Ellberg and Jacob Hornberger to name a few writers and researchers from above are all morons? Is everyone that has an opinion that does not go along with the Bush administration a moron to you?

  • Dennis and Erick,

    I have a good song for you to listen to that pretty much sums up man’s quest for power and it is by John Mellencamp: “Freedom’s Road”

    “If you are looking for the devil, he is out there on freedom’s road…hide your agenda behind public consensus.”

    Mellencamp is my age from the same area of Southern Indiana and his songs tell you a story or racism. Erick calls other’s racist, what a joke our entire foreign policy is based upon supremacy and racism.

  • Erick and Dennis,

    Why don’t you invest $20 plus shipping in Ron Paul’s book listed above and read it, and then we will debate the issues? That is not too much to spend is it to learn something about our foreign policy is it? I listed several books above, and many of the authors I have met and listened to speeches. I have great respect for Daniel Ellsberg, and was honored to have him autograph his book for me. Ellsberg is listed above in my book list and he is not a conspiracy nut, as he was a commander in the Marine Corp in the Vietnam War. It is easy to throw out slanders when someone posts facts that you do not want to believe because it is easier to live in an environment where the government is something that you trust unconditionally to have your best interest at heart. What a farce.

    I am glad that I learned from teachers in Indiana that taught me to be skeptical of government, and focused on the rise and the fall of the Roman Empire. Hang in there guys, and keep being fed the medicine that the GOP gives you, and then when you get older you will see the Country turn into “Idiocracy.” Rent the movie and look into the future.

  • Ouch, Dennis.

    But good point. Apparently though, you and I are wrong unless we agree with the Ron Paul guys. We’re just wrong, damn the facts.

  • I suppose Erick and I are part of a generation that doesn’t know what it’s like to work for a living, at least compared to what I consider to be the greatest generation – my grandfather and those raised during the depression. Fortunately, I was able to grow up next to my grandfather and learn from him the value of hard work, and the satisfaction that it brings.

    And I can assure you, I work hard enough these days to keep me from spending the vast majority of my time browsing conspiracy websites, and posting 67 comments to every post on this one.

    I also have to point out the fact that you, Linda, are part of a generation that was never taught how to do research on the internet. Thankfully, most of us young folks came through college when the internet was becoming a powerful tool for learning, and were guided through the process of sorting the BS from the real info. This has become a big problem for your generation.


    There’s a reason students are now taught that internet sites are not legitimate sources for serious research, unless they meet a certain standard of peer review, or are backed up by facts…

    Oh boy. Time to take my blood pressure meds.

  • http://www.freedom-force.org/freedom.cfm?fuseaction=issues

    Learn the truth that the left and the right are the same with terms thrown about that no one really understands. The communists and the fascists are really the same and they are defined by collectivism vs individualism. Take a look at this educational website with many links. You will see that we, the American people, are divided by forces that keep us from uniting under a common force that can defeat those that wield the power. Both the left and right wage war against the individual by forcing all of us to give up our liberty and freedom for the common good, and it matters not what party holds office. But an individual armed with the truth is a start in the direction of fighting to restore our once great Republic that has become a multicultural cesspool of a Democracy that eats away at us like parasites out of control. That is why Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air for those not trapped in the political ballgame of Red States vs Blue States.

  • I want to clarify that in no way is my book list connected to Dr. Ron Paul and his beliefs about foreign affairs. The only book above that Ron Paul would endorse, I assume, is his own book that I have listed above.

    God bless all and always remember “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Jesus knew the motives of the wolves, and we should learn from Jesus. Start by reading the Gospels.

  • http://tinyurl.com/3xz76o

    Fred Thompson and the “Marshmallow Republicans.” I used this tiny url site to make the link smaller. It is a Yahoonews article. We had the flip flops for Kerry, and I think we could perhaps have a new Marhmallow thing for those that are big government GOP folks. There is a battle being waged to take back real conservatism by an active group of people all across our land. It is liberty and freedom vs. big government tyrants with the sheepie that continue to go down with the Titanic. Cute graphic Erick. When you grow older, then you will look back and see that those of us who lived through Vietnam know the truth.

  • This review is from: Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers (Paperback)
    A year into the Iraqi war, an increasing number of people are comparing the debacle to the quagmire that was Vietnam. In one interview about the American torture of Iraqi prisoners, even Secretary of State Colin Powell made an unsolicited comparison with the Mai Lai massacre. Most people now acknowledge that the Bush administration has been less than candid about not only the war in Iraq but also its policies and decisions before and after the 9/11 attacks. Enter Daniel Ellsberg.

    In this memoir Ellsberg documents how five successive presidential administrations (Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon) systematically lied to the American people and to congress about the Vietnam war. His story is especially compelling because (similar to John Kerry in at least this regard), he served patriotically in Vietnam, only to have that experience convince him how terribly wrong his own government was about the war. As a Marine company commander in Vietnam, Ellsberg was an enthusiastic supporter of the war. But two years of wading through swampy jungles, and extended study of classified documents, convinced him that government rhetoric and empirical realities were two very different things. Ellsberg came home and became an outspoken critic of the war, and in an aggressive effort to stop the war he leaked the so-called Pentagon Papers to congress and then to the media, 7,000 pages in 47 volumes of top secret documents.

    The lesson? Citizens would be naïve to believe all that its government says or to support all that it does. Christians, especially, believe that Caesar is not God. This was a radical notion in the early centuries of the faith, for in the Roman Empire Caesar was god, and believers paid dearly for it with two centuries of martyrdom. In fact, as Bernard Lewis has observed, it is to Christianity that we owe the novel idea of a distinctly secular state, as opposed to theocracies such as ancient Israel or modern Iran (or emerging Iraq?). If the state is secular and not sacred, if Caesar is not God, if our recent governments have shown their near pathological propensity to lie about matters large and small, and if most all governments must as a practical necessity use brutal and coercive powers to protect national interests and deliberate neglect of the weak where there is no national interest (Rwandan genocide), then it might deserve our allegiance, yes, but also our loyal opposition.

    copied and pasted from Amazon from a reviewer of Ellberg’s book listed above. You say you are a Christian Erick, then why do you place more faith in those that govern than the wrath that Jesus endured from just as evil political leaders.

  • Oh, and if you want to learn some more about “Blowback,” read the “911 Commision Report.”

  • I cannot know the future, but I can only support Dr. Ron Paul based upon what I have learned about our government. If you would spend more time learning, instead of playing with Ipods and other tech toys, then you may not be so arrogant against others. Erick, you are part of the generation that does not know what it is like to actually work for a living. I suppose you are Generation X, the know it all generation that does not realize that there even exists a history before you came out into the world with everyone around you telling you how special you are, and how this is your world to mold to your wildest dreams. Elections to you are nothing more than a football game or some other sports game, and your intellect leaves you to follow the power base that is in control now. If they pay you attention, and recognize you, then that strokes your ego to be the attack dog against anyone that is trying to offer a guiding light to lead you out of the darkness. I do not know who staged 911, but I do know that false flag terrorist attacks have been used, since man first came into contact with fellow man. It is the oldest method in the book used throughout the centuries used to conquer and divide civilizations to sieze the natural resources of competing civilizations. Yes, people like you are not Reagan principled Republicans. As you have become the foot soldier for the ruling elite that is seeking to destroy the United States by forming a North American Union and trampling all over the US Constitution and constituents of this once great land. You choose to mock one of the true conservatives in the United States Congress, Dr. Ron Paul. And yes, it is a crying shame.

    Here are some writings for you, if you really want to learns something for a change:

    Daniel Ellsberg “Secrets” about Vietnam

    Robert Higgs “Against Leviathan”

    George Tenet “At the Center of the Storm”

    James Bovard “Freedom in Chains”

    Webster Griffin Tarpley “911 Synthetic Terror”

    Donn de Grand Pre’ “Barbarians Inside the Gates”

    Edited by Richard M. Eberling and Jacob
    Hornberger “The Failure of America’s Foreign Wars” and “Liberty, Security and the War on Terrorism”

    Ron Paul “A Foreign Policy of Freedom”

    Jim Marrs “Rule by Secrecy”

    Jimmy Carter “Palestine Peace not Apartheid”

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