My ideal candidate for President

&#8220My ideal candidate for the GOP is a “clean up our own house first” candidate. He’d support challengers to corrupt, incumbent Republicans, get involved in primaries for conservatives, and speak with the passion of Reagan.&#8221

Call this a Sunday night throw away post if you like, but it’s one I’ve been meaning to write. I was doing my usual pre-bed Sunday night routine of standing under the stream of water in the shower thinking about all the things I forgot to do last week and need to do this coming week and remembered this is a post I’ve never written and should have written.

Let me give you my picture of the ideal Republican Presidential candidate. Right now, not one of the people running or contemplating running fits my ideal perfectly.

You see, I agree with Karl Rove that the GOP lost in 2006 more because of corruption than Iraq. Sure the war is in the back of everyone’s mind, but in the front is William Jefferson’s freezer with Denny Hastert standing in front of it next to Duke Cunningham daring anyone to look in the freezer.

The GOP got so used to corruption, they were even aiding and abetting Democrat felons in Congress. And they still are.

My ideal Republican Presidential candidate is premised on one assumption: no matter who we put up in 2008, we’re more likely than not toast. So, the candidate should run a no holes barred campaign of straight shooting and hard hitting reform to distinguish himself from the rest of the GOP — it’s the only way I think a GOP candidate is going to win short of catastrophe on the Democratic side.

That means the GOP candidate should be out right now finding someone to run against Don Young (R-AK), Ted Stevens (R-AK), Ken Calvert (R-CA), Jerry Lewis (R-CA), John Doolittle (R-CA), and should be in Kansas 02 saying the GOP needs to stick with Jim Ryun, not a tax and spend Democrat-Lite candidate like Lynn Jenkins.

My ideal candidate for the GOP is a “clean up our own house first” candidate. He’d support challengers to corrupt, incumbent Republicans, get involved in primaries like KS-02 for Jim Ryun and NC-03 for Joe McLaughlin and other conservatives, and speak with the passion of Reagan, ie. optimistic, boldly, and with minimal nuance. We don’t need another Reagan, but we do need someone with his optimism and willingness to be boldly conservative.

The candidates this year so far are not doing that. And that is exactly why so few of us are inspired by them. Right now I don’t think we’re going to win next year come hell or high water, so I’d rather an unapologetic champion of conservatism than someone trying not to offend soccer moms.

The country is aligned against the GOP, and they have cause. That cause is not the war. That cause is corruption. The GOP still leaves a bad taste in the public’s mouth from AGAG at Justice to Don “It’s My Money” Young in the House. And they aren’t going to want to vote for the GOP again until the GOP proves it can clean up its act. For that we need a new standard bearer.

That is my ideal candidate for President.

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  • But I have often thought about sending your a red cheerleading uniform with pom poms and saddle oxfords! Boy would you look cute. LOL

    Should read thought about sending you….lol

  • Well I will make an exception for four or so people out of about 30 or more in the last four years. I did not see them here, and I have to admit I don’t always read Peach Pundit. But I have often thought about sending your a red cheerleading uniform with pom poms and saddle oxfords! Boy would you look cute. LOL

  • Linda where this true

    I never saw one writing on this blog or Peach Pundit that called anyone out on political corruption

    you have missed all my posts on Ken Calvert, Jerry Lewis, Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham, etc.


    Erick, If you really want to clean up the GOP, I think you need to do some research in hard line Republicans that surrounded Reagan’s rise to the White House. This person Paul Craig Roberts will tell you the real deal, and I think you need to get educated on the fact that Ron Paul was one of four Republican Congressmen who led the Texas delegation to support Ronald Reagan the first time he ran for President. I know you were really young then, but you do not really know what a fiscal conservative is nor do you understand that the Republican Party was always the party to lead us out of a war that the Democrats got us into. Do more studying and learn that the neocons were once liberals that fled the Democratic Party when Carter did not want to go along with their permanent Trostkyite style revolution (you see the neocons are not conservative at all). You really need to did deep inside your own belief and value system and ask yourself does fighting for the right to life and morality have anything at all to do with the empire building Republican Party that is completely alien to Reaganism? What is it that you desire of your leaders?

    I never saw one writing on this blog or Peach Pundit that called anyone out on political corruption, and why are you now spinning along with Rowe to say that this is why the public has grown weary of the GOP? The big picture is what I write about above. The Internet has opened up a whole new avenue for those that want to learn something other than what Rowe, et al spins with political talking points. The brainless liberals may be stupid, but independent thinkers are not.

    With all of the lies told with this administration, why do you buy into any crack pot theory that they put out? Wake up!

  • “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:14,16

    We need desparately as Christians to get back to honoring the Prince of Peace with authentic Christian actions. The Lord did not mean for his people to wage war to steal the land and resources from people that we deem to be less than us in importance in the world. We were never meant to have doctine of racial supremacism and rule the world with force.
    Jesus has opened my eyes to the TRUTH! I was lost and blind but now I see. I ask forgiveness of the Lord for arguing against other Christians on this very blog a few years ago, when they tried to tell me the truth. No more will I be fooled, no more.

  • Government! Three fourths parasitic and the other fourth stupid fumbling — oh, he conceded that man, a social animal, could not avoid having government, any more than an individual man could escape his lifelong bondage to his bowels. But Harshaw did not have to like it. Simply because an evil was inescapable was no reason to term it a “good.” He wished that government would wander off and get lost!

    — Jubal Harshaw in Robert A. Heinlen’s Stranger in a Strange Land [1961

    quote borrowed from Jacob Hornberger’s email update today of FFF.

    Karl Rowe cannot spin the main reason Republicans are not popular:

    1. The Iraq War
    2. Corruption that goes along with the war
    3. Illegal Immigration and our own borders not protected.

    I hope that all of the people my age and over are throwing away any request for campaign contributions from any organized Republican group. They will never get a dime from me again. My contributions will go to individual candidates who have are true liberty loving constitutionalists. I have had it with the social con artists. Religion is not meant to be worn on your sleeve as a cover for power, and shame on those that used religion to get elected. May the Lord have mercy on their souls.

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