In Praise of “Mommy’s Truck”


Christy’s Explorer or, as Evelyn says, “Mommy’s truck,” got hit this morning. This is the second time someone has hit me in her Explorer in the last few years.

Last time, we were going down Mulberry Street, and a lady turned right at an intersection and instead of getting in the lane next to us, proceeded to come over into our lane. She hit us right behind the rear door on the passenger side.

We were both going so slow, there was no damage to our car, and a few scratches on her car. She tried to blame us and made us call the police. The police clearly saw it was her fault and started laughing.

This morning, I was backing out of a parking spot at daycare. I was just throwing it into drive to leave the parking lot when I saw a lady in the parking spot across from me begin backing up. I pressed on the horn, but she kept coming. I couldn’t maneuver the Explorer to get out of the way because of the daycare workers was right in front of me. So I got smacked.

I got out. The woman got out. She was all upset. There was not a scratch on Christy’s Explorer, but there was a great big dent in the lady’s Honda Odyssey. She had hit me right where the Explorer’s bumper curves and the curve when right into the back of her Odyssey.

I calmed her down, we traded insurance information, then I told her not to worry about it and have a good day.

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