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I’m trying out a new service, which has required a new phone number.

Christy and I intend to get a new unlisted phone number due to all the work related phone calls I get at home — not to mention the very hostile phone calls I get.

So, I’ve signed up for Grand Central. It’s now given me a new phone number in Macon. When you call it, it will ring my office number in DC, my cell number, and my home number. When I pick up one, it turns the others off. If I don’t pick up, the caller goes to a voice mail box and I get an email.

I can also record calls and listen in when people leave voicemails to see if it is worth me picking up the phone.

I can also set times for when people can get through, regulate whose calls go where, etc.

And it’s free (for now at least).

This will make life much easier.

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