Christy and I just got back. We did not stay for the speechifying. Steve Croy, I met your better half and missed seeing you. You were lost in the crowd.

Anyway, Fred and Jeri are simply two of the nicest people I know. Jeri, in particular, is awesome. I’ve been to a number of these things before and this one really impressed me by not just the number of people, but the number of prominent people in the room. I won’t mention names lest I mention someone who is not yet on board publicly, but was there (exception being host couples).

I expect a lot of money flowed through. The general sense from the people I talked to was that they had all, to a person, flirted with every other candidate — some having been wooed and some having been pressured to support other candidates — and came up wanting. They’ve found what they wanted in Fred Thompson.

It’s very funny. When Fred got started there were a lot of people looking at him solely because he was not one of the other guys. Now that people are actually looking at him, at least in this crowd, they really, really like what they see. Fred has a commanding presence in the room and was taller than most everyone else.

We’ll be doing a podcast tomorrow. I’ll link to it.

Oh, and on a final note, I finally met David Shafer in person. We’ve known each other in email for several years and it was great to finally meet him in person. And my Lord in Heaven has Trey Staton grown up. I do believe he is taller than Senator Staton now. Yes, I did show off my iPhone too.

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    Ron Paul 65% of straw poll in New Hampshire, and he drew a crowd of 1000 people in Iowa last week and the six candidates invited to the sham of a tax forum drew collectively 600 people. LOL

    I even checked on a plane ticket to go, but the price was too high for the last minute and much too far to drive, but I was their in spririt. People drove from Minnesota, Texas, Arizona and all over to Iowa. No other candidate has that type of support, no other candidate has ever had this type of support so early in the primaries. My faitth is that the Lord will deliver us from the hands of those that are derelict in their leadership duties and help Dr. Ron Paul to become our next President.

  • Great the neocon pie has more slices, and that gives Ron Paul the opening he needs to take over. I hope you are sincere Stephen because Ron Paul is in this election for the long haul. We have got the momentum that money can’t buy! Look out Erick because the Revolution is coming through, and Fred can eat the dust. Choo Choo.

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