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  • What fight exactly can the military win. Our military is fantastic but exactly who do they need to kill to win?

    We are in the middle of a low boil civil war and lack the manpower to stabilize the region. Even if we did dedicate the manpower the window may have already closed.

    Bush screwed the pooch on this one and cost American greatly in money, prestige, influence, and lives.

    Here are the next few years for you:

    In the next 12 months we’ll begin drawing down the number of troops we have in Iraq because we lack the manpower to sustain it.

    Bush will leave office and the 26ers (the 26% of nutballs that think Bush is the greatest thing since sliced God) will hail him as the greatest Prez EVAR. The rest of us will just be glad he’s gone.

    Chaos will flourish in Iraq but eventually the Iraqis will choose a course for themselves. While we’re there they aren’t going to do it. Now this course may include a full out civil war and a partitioning of the country but it will be their choice.

    And the Right Wing will rant and write books saying how the Democrats, even though they weren’t in power for most of the war, and the MSM lost the war for America.

    People have overlooked the flaws in Bush and his failures in Iraq because of rank partianship and it has harmed America. That’s not something to be proud of.

  • I really hope you guys are serious about this part of the diary:

    The American military can win this fight. What is needed is for the American people, and their leaders, to put politics aside in favor of presenting a united front against those who, regardless what concessions we make, will do their utmost to kill us.

    I personally think Bush is incapable of putting politics aside or convincing other to do so, but I believe you guys hit the nail on the head when it comes to winning in Iraq. The only way to succeed in Iraq is if the US people are invested in winning there. At present they are not. Let’s hope the next President will have enough resources to succeed in Iraq because I think he/she will be the last best hope for that cause. It may even be too late.

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