Ayaan Hirsi Ali


You do yourself a disservice if you do not know who she is and why she is important.

Go here to a Fred Thompson commentary at RedState that has been turned into a YouTube video.

Play the video, learn who Hirsi Ali is, and you’ll understand why we must fight.

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  • My husband said let us institute the draft again where all able bodied men up to the age of 42 shall serve, and then we would see every chicken shit neocon war hawk putting an end to the war within three months! Mary has been there and lived through it, and he lives in the real world. We understand the difference between the haves and the haves not, and the self righteous indignation for making excuses for choosing not to serve in the military.

    George Washington was an educated man, and without him leading our military we would have never one the Revolution. Marty says like President Bush said “bring it on!” We will tell you the truth that you want to deny.

  • am really amazed, however, that you seem content to wave your son’s shirt in his name and declare that the war is wrong, misguided, and bad because you want your son home. You don’t want him fighting for the brown people or anyone else for that matter. said by Erick

    by Linda: That is the most assine remark that you could make, Erick. I have a plaque hanging on my bedroom wall from one of my friends, a black lady, who wrote a special poem to me entitled “Heaven is Missing an Angel” because I filled up her car trunk with food on Thanksgiving and then helped financial for her to take her children to the Cherry Blossom Festival one year and also helped with money for one of her sons to go on a field trip to Washington DC. Her husband was a worthless bumb and left her with no money for the kids, and I helped her all I could. Don’t you dare insult me with insinuating that I have a racist bone in my body.

    I saw a comment you made on Peach Pundit when you wrote in slang to sound like you would talk on the City Council. You have no right to say that I do not care for all human beings. I am against the war because it is genocide in the Middle East not by our soldiers, but by the Civil War that we have now started. And, FYI, my son has several black friends who he served in the Marine Corp and he works with Arabs, blacks, Jews and all peoples in Newport News. We are not a racist family, and I believe in fighting a war if we have people invade us. But Iraq did not invade the United States! As a matter of fact, all of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia! We are not attacking them are we?

  • Between the two of us, I’m not the want who wants us to surrender. said by Erick

    Linda says, well then join the military and fight for the war that you think is worth fighting! If it is such a just war, then it should be your honor and duty to say goodbye to your family and march off to Iraq!

  • Well Erick, for one thing I do not hate Jews and this war is the most destructive thing for the state of Israel. I don’t care what your educational background is because you are not too good to fight for our Country. All of our forefathers had more education in their little thumbs than you have learned in our public schools and your education from living abroad. I am proud to say that my son joined the military, and I had the money to send him to college and he went to private school since he was in Kindergarten.

    We do need you and ever able bodied man to fight in this war. I have sent your link to a hundred people in Alpharetta who are supporting Ron Paul, and many of them are patriots who have served in the military. They will be either reading or posting, and it is your choice to shut us out or let us speak freely.

    Have you not watched the news this morning, more and more people are talking about ways to end this war. Study history, Erick, America has not won a war in the last hundred years. All wars end on a truce, but they are never won.

  • Linda,

    I realize you are on the fringe. I know you don’t think you are, but you are way outside the mainstream from your support for Ron Paul to bringing most every major political issue back to the Jews. See your comment two comments up about AIPAC.

    And I realize you think you have a brilliant argument that if I so want to fight this war that I should go join the military. That’s really cute. It’s also disingenuous.

    I had no desire to join the military. I got my degree on scholarship, went to law school, got married, and got a job. I have infinite respect for those who choose to go into the military, but I had no desire to join and I did not have to. And those who serve, chose to serve and do the bidding of this country on the battlefield. It was their choice.

    I am really amazed, however, that you seem content to wave your son’s shirt in his name and declare that the war is wrong, misguided, and bad because you want your son home. You don’t want him fighting for the brown people or anyone else for that matter.

    You know what? How dare you. For every crybaby like you who wants us to close up the border, turn off the lights, and let Al Qaeda come on in here and start killing us, I know a soldier in Iraq who thinks we are making progress and we are doing good work. Meanwhile, you’re happy parroting Al Qaeda talking points because you want your son home and you blame the Jews for everything.

    Wanting your son home is a perfectly understandable desire, but it gives you no moral superiority on this issue. Between the two of us, I’m not the want who wants us to surrender.

    If you want to go fill up a blog with your message of surrender, capitulation, and anti-semitic isolationism wrapped in a chicken hawk banner of moral superiority and outrage at the small mindedness of everyone who surrounds you and doesn’t see it your way, go find another blog to pollute with your instability. Or go get a therapist.

  • My son, Sgt. Mark Foley, USMC, served five years in the Marine Corp and destroyed his knees from all of the intensvie military activity. I shared this with a client of mine in the Air Force who is drawing partial disability, and he told me to tell my son that he would qualify for partial disability. But when I told Mark, he said “Kelley walked more miles than I will ever walk and I can never take a dime for my injuries because I did not give the ultimate sacrifice.” As I mention many times, Kelley was Mark’s bast friend and gave his life in Iraq. Now how many corrupt officials in this War on Terror can we name who have stolen funds allocated for the war. And my son, will not apply for earned benefits. That is the mark of a true patriot, and I am proud that he is my son.

  • I think you must stop talking about foreign affairs because you are not a member of the diplomatic core. Said by Erick.

    Ok, Erick, surely a Constitution lawyer can do better than that because you above all know that all men are created equal and the US government is government of the people and by the people or that is in the Declaration of Independence. I have more right to speak about our Country’s foreign affairs than would AIPAC that is a NGO. That is right AIPAC the most powerful lobby in Congress is a foreign lobby! Give me a break!

  • Why do you not want to join the military, Erick? Why is that Hannity has not joined the military? What makes all of you so unique that you do not feel it your patriotic duty to join the service? America needs you, the military needs you, the neocons need you and if you are fighting for Christianity’s sake then the Lord needs you to pick up arms.

    I am not on the left at all. I am the real conservative posting on this blog. I stand for fiscal conservativism and I stand for peace with countries and for honest negotiating for oil resources in the Middle East. I was never a war monger, until the American public was manipulated with fear of the big bad terrorist lurking on every street corner.

  • And since when can a CPA not know about foreign policy. What gives you so much more knowledge at the age of 32 than a woman that is nearly 53 and has read more foreign policy books in the last five years than most history professors?

    Why do you have to resort to attacking a CPA that they cannot discuss policy, while you are at it why don’t you also mention that I have a MBA, too. I am also the Treasure of Georgia Marine Moms, and I have learned all I can about foreign policy because I have a burning desire to learn the truth. I do not get paid to blog nor will I ever take a dime for my work with Georgia Marine Moms. That is who I am, and that is what drive me, which is the fact that I have so many friends who have lost their sons that are the same age as my son. I am fighting the fight that they are not able to cope with.

  • Ok, Erick, don’t just join the Marines. The Air Force will take you, the Army will take you, the Navy will take you and the Georgia National Guard needs recruits. It was reported this morning that recruting goals are not being met, so come on and join in with the big War on Terror and be a real patriot!

  • No Erick, I am really asking you to join a branch of the service along with every war monger in this country. It is time for you to do your duty, as you are a big strong fellow who is just as fit to fight as my son, Gena’s son, Kathy’s son, Doris’s two sons and many other mother’s sons. Gena has already lost a son and Doris has lost a son and Kathy has lost her son.

    I am dead serious, I and other people like me want all of you war hawks to put give the ultimate sacrifice. What are you afraid of? If this war is worth fighting, then pick up arms like many of my family has already done.

  • Wow Linda. I’m impressed that you have descended into chicken hawk arguments favored by the left. You might not like the war, but surely you can argue better than, “don’t say you support it unless you join the marines.”

    I think you must stop talking about foreign affairs because you are not a member of the diplomatic core. Actually, come to think of it, given your back ground, I think you are only now allowed to talk about tax policy, since you are a CPA.

  • Ron Paul supplied Rudy with a reading list, and I have a substantial library myself if anyone wants a reading list from me. I want to see a real debate on foreign policy with no commercials between Ron Paul and Rudy on Fox News with Hannity’s mike turned off. Let the rest of the brainwashed people learn the truth.

  • The principle, on which the war was waged by the North, was simply this:
    That men may rightfully be compelled to submit to, and support, a government
    that they do not want; and that resistance, on their part, makes them
    traitors and criminals.
    – Lysander Spooner, 1867

    A quote sent to me from a new online friend from Alpharetta, who is one of the Meetup leaders for Ron Paul. This was how the Civil War was waged, and it is how the Iraq War was waged. The Civil War was not about freeing the slaves, Lincoln had no love for the slaves at all, the war was over the South having a right to exist independently of centralized government. The correlation is that the Iraq War was not about WMD nor is it about spreading freedom to Iraqis, it is about slicing up the pie in the Middle East to corporate gluttons that do not wish to negotiate with free trade because they want it all.

  • Check out the video of Fred Thompson, abortion supporter, on John Knopp’s blog. How can you go from being pro-life to now supporting a pro-choice candidate? Take a look at one of my posts about Harriet Miers when I said that the GOP would not support a Pro-life candidate in 2008. The GOP, I believe, wants to lose so they can blame the Democrats for being in a quagmire of a war because they darn sure are not listening to the American public. We do not want more war, and we darn sure do not want a pro-choice presidential candidate! Hell, why don’t you just start support Lucifer for President!

  • You see, evil exist right around the streets right here in Macon but we do not drop buster bombs in the neighborhoods, do we? We don’t go to the evil devil worshiping people’s homes in the United States who sacrifice real humans for their evil, yes it happens right here in the US, and we don’t target the their homes with bombs to rid the earth of evil.

    Yes, I have changed from the first posts here about the war in 2004 or so when I was a sheepie led by the propagandist. But no more am I brainwashed. We ignore evil, unless their is oil in them their lands. Comprendo? This leadership by neocons has nothing to do with value for human life, and I am tired of the bs that keeps promoting this sick lie. If our Country cared about life, they would not have sit back while millions of Christians were murdered and starved to death in Russia in the early 1900s nor would they have sit back and ignored the plight of the Palestinians, since 1919. It is all a big lie!

    Yes, our sons our serving our Country but that does not mean they serve the Republican Party! What part of that do you not get, Erick?

  • Ok Erick, why don’t you enlist in the Marine Corp tomorrow and help Sgt. Donovan Courtney and all of the other brave soldier. Donny has two children, and has reenlisted. We would like to see you and every other neocon on Redstate enlist in a branch of the armed services. And while you are at, get Hannity to join too. We are tired of doing all of this fighting, and we want our sons to get a break!

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