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. . . in line at the Apple Store that is. My friend Clayton and I are in Alpharetta at the Northpointe mall store. We’re 35th in line.

Yes, we’re nerds. Shut up.

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  • Yes, the iPhone is really impressive. I couldn’t justify the expense, but I waited in line at North Point as well and (in true Apple style) you actually could try it out! Other phone vendors provide these dead mockups in their stores. But no, Apple GETS IT. I even made a phone call to my wife from the store to try it out.
    When first announced , I thought Jobs’ ego was getting the better of him. But the fact is they have provided a game-changing device, and weren’t bound by the ‘rules’ of traditional cell phone manufacturer agreements, really shows the genius at work at Cupertino.

    Now I just ask that Leopard work as well…

    Peace be with you.

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