Qualifying in Macon is Over


I am unopposed. It is now time to help those who have opposition.

I’ll be supporting Keith Moffett, Larry Schlesinger, and Miriam Paris — three fantastic people who will be fantastic assets on City Council.

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  • Your grandfathers would be proud of you. . .are proud of you. We keep you and your family in our prayers. T’will be interesting to watch. Sounds as if the city needs our prayers, also. Will do.

  • http://ronpaul.meetup.com/250/?gj=sj6

    A meetup group that I have started with three RSVPs already the first day! Anyone interested in the real Ronald Reagan Republican please RSVP.

    Best wishes Erick, and may I suggest some Motrin and perhaps some Tylenol. The best thing that could happen is for the state government to step in and declare Macon bankrupt, which of course we are technically bankrupt, and have a forced consolidation now. But most fail to see the TRUTH, until hindsight steps in. But who adheres to the TRUTH anymore?

  • Congrats Erick, and you’re correct, there are no Republican v Democrat on the local level. However, when a community is taxed to the eyeballs it makes no fiscal sense to plow a community into further debt to fund a hotel.

    There needs to be a systematic re-invention of our local government. From my short stint on the Board of Assessors I can attest to the universal dysfunctionality in our community. Before committing to that type of project, the departments need to have the appropriate oversight and vision established. There is no vision.

  • Thanks you! I do appreciate it and I hope we can work together. I actually detest running as a Republican for a seat like this because I really don’t think there are very many Democrat v. Republican issues at stake.

  • Congratulations, Erick!We tried to find a good Democrat to oppose you. Not that we dislike you that much, but it ought to be harder than this!

    I’m hopeful about the new crop of candidates. We need to work together and break the awful inertia of rest that characterizes Macon.

    -Steve Allen, Bibb Co. Democratic Party Chair

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