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I love Canon in D. It has been my favorite piece of music since I think I was 7 years old and heard it on the radio in Dubai during one of those times when a Sheikh died and all radio played was classical music.

The shifting tone, the start in the deep chord, the fade out, it was beautiful to me. It was the first time I really appreciated classical music. So, this cracked me up and is very much worth sharing. It reminds you how unoriginal music is these days.

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  • Off topic: Hey Erik I keep hearing how conservative blogs are more ethical than liberal ones because they call out their fellow conservatives when they do something asinine.

    Is it my imagination or did Dick Cheney just decide that his office is not part of the executive branch and thus not subject to executive orders?

    Help me out here.

  • That’s pretty funny. He forgot to just add a capo to get another list of songs heard on the radio today. This is why I like bluegrass music though. You don’t find too many untalented/unoriginal bluegrass musicians these days.

  • Music is unoriginal if you only listen to unoriginal music.

    Living in the NYC metro area the radio is a wasteland of garbage but the clubs and bars have many artists who play their own original works of which a few can still surprise.

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