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  • http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,280172,00.html

    “AIPAC Trial Delayed Again”

    Write to the prosecutors and elected officials and demand that this trial go forward. This is espionage that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I hope that some of you start to get more educated in just who is in control of our foreign policy, and it is not domestic I assure you! Read Justin Ramondio (sp?) in The American Conservative about more of the details, you will see it referenced in this Fox News link.

    “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10) (Read by Paul Mims. Provided by Christian Duplications International.)

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    A thought to ponder, if the Christian churches preached the right message and practiced the love of Jesus Christ, then so many in the United States would not be drifting to the Unitarian churches. The Church has remained silent by not confronting the ACLU and the ADL out of fear that God will get angry with them. What utter nonsense for Christians to believe that God wants them to allow evil to rule them.

    Thank you for the ability to post, Erick, and I know I am consumed with Christianity and what evil that is harming the United States. I really need to get on with other things, and get my business things tended to. Just pray and the Lord will help you to see the light.

  • http://ronpaul.meetup.com/250/?gj=sj6

    A plug for our newly organized Macon based Ron Paul Meetup-11 members already! Join us for our first meeting. Click the link to see our group! Ron Paul now has over 28,000 friends and growing. I just read an article where it is predicted that their will be 1 million friends by the end of the year. Remember that many new voters were say only 14 when we went to war against Iraq, and this may be an historic election with Primary elections surpassing the usual 15% dismal turnouts. States like Oregon have over 80% turnout, and I know that many of these people are and have been for a long time opposed to globalization. Many bands are signing on to have a big concert in Austin, Texas in support of Ron Paul for President. Do not underestimate the youth vote.

  • http://www.nkusa.org/

    Good source from Torah Jews

    Positive things are happening, as Olmert has offered the Golan Heights back to Syria. We do not need to launch a nuclear attack against Iran and we need to make sure that Israel does not either. We have a divided house of Christianity like Jesus said would fall. We have unwisely linked church and state, and forgotten that is was politicians who crucified Christ. Of course, it was God’s will, which is what the Lord’s Prayer is all about: “God’s will be done.” The people are no longer in control of the government because the government is an enemy to the people, and most importantly and enemy of Christianity.

    Right now, we have politicians scrambling to win over Christians by saying that they are grounded in faith. Christians are so divided by loss of faith in the government. We should never have faith in the government, and our Country was founded on the premise that if two people get together to discuss leadership over the people then they should be viewed with great skepticism.

    When we pledge to the flag, it was never meant to be a pledge to the government. The Republican Party has wrapped itself in the flag, and attached itself to the military, which is a violation of Military Code. The people blindly accept it, and I have too! I understand now how Hitler took over in Germany. We are about ten years away from a complete dictatorship, unless people wake up and elect a new President, Ron Paul, that understands this better than I do.

    Actually a change in foreign policy is probably too late. It is like trying to put out fires without enough water.

  • http://www.roytaylorministries.com/am00002.htm

    I have put this link up before, but it is a prophetic study of “Bye Bye Miss American Pie.” Of course, some interpret the song to be about the death of Buddy Holly and the woman that sings the Blues is Janice Joplin and Jagger stole the crown from Buddy Holly, etc… There is no doubt in my mind that the early settlers in Jamestown were devout Christians, and many of my ancestors settled in Orange County, VA and Buck County, PA and then moved to Indiana. The people that destroyed this Country are the ones that came after the Puritans came to exploit the Country for furs and tobacco ane anything else that they could make money on. Then the people were tricked into borrowing money to finance a Revolution and this is when the evil usurers took control. And, we have one war after another and those that control the kaching profit regardless of who wins or loses. Chrisitians were living peacefully with the Native Americans, until the exploiters led soldiers to burn them off their lands and slaughter them and steal their land with tricks. And this is how Israel has done, which is to be given a little slice of land in the Middle East and then over the last sixty years, they have driven Palestinians off land that they occupied for over a thousand years. The plight of the Palestinian Christians is blindly ignored by the Christian churches that are loyal to Zionism. God is watching us.

    Oh, I pray that more people wake to the truth. Christians just sit back and say oh God will take care of it, and I am blessing Israel. No, you are blessing impostors that are not Torah Jews.

  • Linda,
    I think the funniest thing about the Unitarians is this. A FAQ on their website. Here it is verbatim:

    I’ve heard that Unitarian Universalists can believe anything they want to. Is that true?
    No. One could not be considered a Unitarian Universalist and believe that subscription to specific doctrines or creeds are necessary for access to God or spirituality or membership in our congregations. Unitarian Universalists could not believe that God favors any group of people based on any inherent qualities, such as skin color, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, etc.—or that any group of people is more worthy of access to opportunities than any other as a result of these qualities.

    I think that is a perfect definition of liberalism — you can believe in anything you want, so long as you believe in nothing at all.

  • I went back and read Blueberry’s comments. When someone writes in all caps, it is hard to get the message. Actually, I have thought before that we are the Mystery Babylon as spoken of in Revelation. It will be the corrupt thieves on Wall Street and in high seats or world power that run from the Lord. Take a look at Wolfowitz taken down from his leadership position at the World Bank, and then President Bush appoints another person just like him. The new appointee is a prominet person in PNAC.

    Yes, there are many Edomite Jews as Blueberry talks about, but that does not mean that the Lord is not calling Christians to fight the evil. Our Country is rulled by those that hate Christians, and I do not mean President Bush. President Bush is merely a puppet for the puppet masters, and it is as it was written in Revelation. I mean right now, most are blind to being able to rationally pick the best person to rise to President. Just who is it that the media and other power brokers tell you to support is all most care about. Those that see with eyes that understand scripture know that the Masters have already picked the Democrat and the Republican candidate conpletely loyal to Zionist Israel, that has nothing to do with the chosen by God.

    I had to read Blueberry again to see what he was trying to say. I know I have no control over what is happening, and God gave Satan the control over the world for a short while. I do not understand why other educated people on this blog do not get the big picture. Perhaps, you have not read Revelation and Matthew enough to see and understand.

  • The first weekend of June, I met so many New Age people that I was stunned. These people had once been Catholics or any other sect of Protestant church goers, but they had joined Unitarian churches. I lady that I talked to from Boston said that their Unitarian church has NO doctrine, but they do have a bible reading once in a while. It is a church that explores various religions, and they even throw in some Budhism. This particular lady used to be a Catholic and married a Hindu believer, and she has been lead astray. Such marriages lead Christians to go to a more harmonic type of church to please their spouses, and it is scary. Such mixed marriages are roads to disaster in many cases. I told this lady that I would pray for her in order that Christ would lead her back to Christianity, and she gave me a funny look. Of course, she did not sit by me the next night at dinner.

    Now, nothing surprises me. I do know one thing, and that is that people that do not have a grounded believe in Jesus Christ appear to be so lost and many times show hatred at things that they cannot control. If you read “The End of the Age” by Pat Robertson, these times will open your eyes to the vision that Robertson had when he wrote the fictional book almost fifteen years ago.

    Take a look at Worldnetdaily.com to see the articles about a PaganStock festival and other articles on churches that are experimenting with mysticism. We may not be in the End times for the world, but we are in the End times for the United States. It takes prayer by Christians to ask the Lord to spare us in the end. Our reward will be everlasting.

  • I can always count on some great entertainment when I stop by your site. What is it about the www that brings out all the psychos? It really is downright frightening to think that people like that have the ability to choose our leaders.

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