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When I was younger I’d read biographies of journalists or politicians and always got a kick out of someone big and famous calling the house looking for the biographed person. Sometimes the kids would answer the phone and chat with President Reagan while Senator so and so was getting out of the bathroom, etc.

Maybe one day Evelyn will have that experience. It has not quite become commonplace, but is headed in that direction, to have a senator or congressman call me at the house. But it was pretty funny this morning to run out to Panera Bread for breakfast and come home to find the Governor of Arkansas had left me a message on the home phone. We’re suppose to have an interview shortly and we’re trying to work out timing.

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  • Wow, Erick, you are getting into the big time! I am glad to see you getting the recognition. You have worked hard for it and I can see you going way beyond the city council.

    You know I am there for you in what ever way I can help!


  • Erick,

    I just read your entry about Glenn Richardson wanting to push or sales taxes on services in Goergia. I just called his office and told the caller about my disgust with this fake conservative movement that has taken over Georgia politics. I see that you only care about lawyers and doctors being taxes or I should say collecting taxes from their clients. I can assure you that as a CPA, I also service more people that are forced to comply with the filing of taxes. I try to keep my fees reasonable for my clients, and service many people who are just getting by.

    I will be very disappointed in you if you go along with this tax the public philosophy onthe City Council. I urge all people in Georgia to call Glenn Richardson and give him a peace of your mind. Urge people in his district to vote him out of office! I knew this was coming though because I ready a study done by Georgia Tech and other higher learning institutions about why we need to tax services. That is all liberal institutions understand, and sadly we have elected fools to lead the conservative movement in Georgia. They are nothing but “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

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